Attempting NEET? We have some tips!

10/05/2022  MBBS

For a medical aspirant, appearing for the NEET exam is a crucial stepping stone. A good NEET score can set you ...

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 Saraswationline.Com – Who are we?

25/04/2022  MBBS

You have often heard us say we are here to help fulfil your dream of becoming a Doctor through our MBBS abroad .....

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 MBBS after Class XII? We got you covered!

20/04/2022  MBBS

In India, MBBS is one of the most sought-after career choices among students. Considering the need for .....

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 Try the Philippines for MBBS – a rewarding destination

30/03/2022  MBBS

These days, an increasing number of MBBS students are choosing overseas destinations for studying medicine.....

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 Indians students rushing abroad for MBBS studies

14/02/2022  MBBS

If you plan to build a career in medicine, what you must not forget is no MBBS course fees are low.....

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 Think Bangladesh when you think MBBS abroad

07/02/2022  Bangladesh

One of the world’s fastest growing market economies and the second largest in the Indian sub-continent,....

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 If there’s a will, there’s an MBBS degree

04/02/2022  Overseas Mbbs

Don’t lose heart if you can’t afford the steep MBBS fees in Indian medical colleges, government or private....

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 Why China is The Best Option for Studying MBBS Abroad

29/01/2022  China

Pursuing an MBBS degree is essential when you are planning on becoming a doctor. If you are not....

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 7 reasons to study MBBS in China

29/01/2022  China

Pursuing an MBBS degree is essential when you are planning on becoming a doctor. If you are not....

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 Top 4 Reasons to Study MBBS in the Philippines

26/01/2022  Philippines

Studying MBBS is a not a joke. The student must be careful about several things before....

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 Medical Education in China

30/11/2021  China

P.R. China is in the process of developing a comprehensive health care system....

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 What’s next after NEET? Study MBBS in China

25/11/2021  China

The questions in a student’s mind are numerous when it comes to what they should do after...

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 For overseas MBBS studies, Georgia in a cinch

23/11/2021  Georgia

The gateway to the West, Georgia, is a dream destination for students, particularly for Asians...

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 Why choose China for studying MBBS

12/11/2021  China

China is now undisputedly the number one MBBS destination in Asia for international students, including ...

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 Do your MBBS from Ukraine

03/11/2021  Ukraine

What’s next after you crack NEET? Let’s give you a meaningful insight into what you could do to get an MBBS ...

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 You can do your MBBS in English at Chinese medical schools

08/10/2021  China

China is one of the strongest economies in the world and naturally. For many, the country might pose language...

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 Georgia’s East European University is a top-draw for overseas MBBS

06/10/2021  Georgia

One of world’s best universities for medical study, East European University (EEU) was established in 2012 at...

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 Indian students have a Yen for overseas MBBS studies: get to know why

04/10/2021  MBBS

First of all, let’s blast the common perception. No MBBS course fees are low, at home or abroad. But there...

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 Ukraine can be the next stop in your medical career

01/10/2021  Ukraine

Ukraine is rapidly becoming a coveted destination of international students, particularly Indians, for studying...

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 Jinan in China is a top overseas MBBS destination


Jinan University places its MBBS students at the cutting edge of their careers. It is not only one of China’s ...

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 Bangladesh is a viable option for overseas MBBS studies


Bangladesh is one of the world’s fastest growing market economy and the second largest in the Indian...

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 For overseas MBBS studies, Georgia beckons


Georgia is a dream destination for studying MBBS and so, the rush for this destination...

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 The Philippines beckons Indian medical students


The Philippines is among a few top destinations that appear on the radar of international...

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 Foreign medical schools can help you make the cut


Needless to say, pursuing careers in medicine and engineering tops the list of students in India...

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 Best education facilitator for doing MBBS overseas


An education facilitator bridges the gap between how education is delivered and how it’s received...

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 More and more Indians are rushing abroad for MBBS studies


No MBBS course fees are low. There’s always a cost to certain higher studies be it at home or abroad...

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 No more language barrier in China for Indian MBBS students

26/07/2021  China

China is undoubtedly an economic giant in the world and much of its progress can be attributed to the ...

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 Find the right education facilitator, make wise choices


An education facilitator bridges the gap between how education is delivered and how it’s received, in the...

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 Low-cost MBBS courses abroad up for grabs


There is no foreign destination where you can find an MBBS course cheap. What you would find instead are courses in...

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 Studying medicine abroad can open newer career doors


It goes without saying that pursuing careers in medicine and engineering tops the list of students in India these days. As for engineering, a student is spoilt ...

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 Look no farther: discover Georgia for your MBBS

11/05/2021  Georgia

Georgia is now a rewarding destination for MBBS studies. There’s a beeline of international students now at the turnstiles. Any...

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 In China, you can pursue MBBS in English

07/05/2021  China

Economically, China is one of the strongest in the world and naturally, despite language barriers, the country is a top destination for both business

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 Discover the Philippines as your top MBBS destination

29/04/2021  Philippines

Seems so far yet so close are the dreams that make careers in the domain of medicine – that’s the Philippines, a clutch of islands on the..

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 For MBBS studies abroad, Bangladesh beckons

28/04/2021   Bangladesh

Bangladesh is increasingly becoming a top destination for pursuing MBBS. It is quite evident from the fact that almost over 7000 Indian students

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 MBBS courses in Ukraine

19/04/2021  Ukraine

With the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, the world has begun to salute the noble profession of Medical practitioners even more than before throughout the world. In India, most students

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 The Philippines offers a jar of cookies to foreign medical students

17/10/2020  Philippines

How many roads must a medical student walk down Before you call him a doctor? Taking a cue from Bob Dylan, there’s one road fewer..

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 Eat Indian in Georgia

18/09/2020  Georgia

There was a time when East Europe was synonymous with cold, iron-curtain geography. But all that has changed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, turning the region into a lively, free

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 Telehealth is healthcare’s Newer Normal

04/09/2020  Philippines

Were we to set the clock back by eight months possessed with a premonition of the Covid pogrom, what was that one imperative the medical..

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 A Yale in India? Good idea, but…

07/08/2020  India

The recently announced NEP 2020 is progressive enough to write home about, especially for the policy elasticity. The coming generations of students would now have the flexibility to choose..

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 Human trial of Covid-19 Vaccine

03/08/2020  India

Reassuring news is coming out of the labs from across the world as scientists work tirelessly to find that one magical potion which will bring the planet back on its feet – a vaccine for the..

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 A small pie, too many takers

28/07/2020  India

The rush for foreign medical colleges over the years has been triggered by a dearth of MBBS seats in India as well as the relatively low cost of medical education abroad. This has long been ..

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 Bangladesh – a close neighbour awaits your arrival

25/07/2020  Bangladesh

One of the world’s fastest growing market economy and the second largest in the Indian continent, Bangladesh has come a ong way since its independence in 1971...

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 MBBS in Ukraine is a good idea

24/07/2020  Ukraine

Every year, hundreds of Indian students aspiring to be doctors seek education in medicine abroad. Their coveted degree is decidedly MBBS. A primary reason why this rush for foreign destinations....

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 Why Choose Georgia for Studying MBBS Abroad

21/07/2020  Georgia

After completing 10+2 or high school, what plans do you have? Options are many if you are up to speed with the current trends. Goes without saying, many..

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 10 Reasons to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

17/07/2020  Kyrgyzstan

When it comes to study MBBS in abroad, the students need to check for the best countries for medical course depending on their academic percentage, budget and man..

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 Why Medical Education in Bangladesh is Gaining Popularity

15/07/2020  Bangladesh

A large range of international students apply to prime medical universities in Bangladesh per year. When it comes to Indian students, it is the nearest, cheapest,..

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 How much does it Cost to do MBBS in China?

13/07/2020  China

When one chooses to study MBBS Abroad, China is best country for international students who wish to study medicine in international universities. Studying MBBS..

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 Why MBBS in Ukraine is Gaining Popularity Among Medical Aspirants

11/07/2020  Ukraine

Do you want to pursue MBBS in Abroad.? If yes, then you might have heard about MBBS in Ukraine. Many students want to study MBBS in India but can’t get medical seat in..

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 All you need to know about MBBS in Georgia

09/07/2020  Georgia

Georgian medical educational programs are based on the international European standards. Institutions are staffed with highly qualified academic staff and...

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 Reasons to Choose Georgia as a Destination for MBBS

07/07/2020  Georgia

Studying MBBS abroad is a big decision for the medical aspirants who wish to have a successful career in medical field. Georgia is known for best MBBS courses for the..

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 Study MBBS in Bangladesh MCI Approved Universities

06/07/2020  Bangladesh

Bangladesh has emerged as one of the most well-liked locations to pursue a degree in MBBS for international students. Many alid reasons make Asian countries a..

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 Advantages of Studying MBBS in Georgia

02/07/2020  Georgia

Students who wish to Study MBBS in Europe must undoubtedly consider MBBS in Georgia. Through the integrated medical curriculum of...

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 Why Indian Students Choose to Study MBBS Abroad?

25/06/2020  Georgia

Every year Indian students are facing difficulties when setting goal for MBBS in abroad. Getting MBBS admission in abroad is not an easy task, it is becoming tough..

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 Reasons for Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

22/06/2020  Kyrgyzstan

For decades, study abroad is a subject of attraction for Indian students. The opportunities, money, and therefore the fame of high universities abroad have forever..

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 Why You Should Choose Philippines to Study MBBS Abroad?

19/06/2020  Philippines

Philippines offers a unique opportunity to have an MBBS degree for the students who have passed 12th standard or equivalent examinations. Study MBBS in Philippines is...

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 Guide for Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

17/06/2020  Bangladesh

Bangladesh has established itself collectively of the leading destinations for MBBS students from all round the globe. The spectacular growth of the country’s...

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 Study in Best MBBS University in Ukraine and Build Your Career

15/06/2020  Ukraine

Ukraine is one in every of the most important country within the European continent when Russia, and ranks forty sixth within the World for its size. Kyiv is the capital of the country..

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 Some Interesting Knowledge about Studying MBBS in China

12/06/2020  China

Every student has to take a right step in his career after completion of his school. So, choosing the right career option is essential, that’s why one should carefully..

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 Top Countries to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

10/06/2020  China

Study MBBS in India is quite expensive as compared to other countries in the world. This is one of the main reasons why Indian students approach foreign countries..

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 Why Students Should Prefer China for Higher Education

08/06/2020  China

China has become one in all the foremost most popular study abroad destinations for college students across the world. With the biggest population within the world,..

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 MBBS Universities in Georgia

22/04/2020  Georgia

Studying MBBS abroad is a big decision for the medical aspirants who wish to make a successful career in the medical field. Georgia is known for the best MBBS for international students..

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 MBBS Admission in Georgia

20/04/2020  Georgia

Studying MBBS abroad is a great opportunity to learn medicine in a developed country with world-class infrastructure and highly advanced techniques. Excellent Medical Education...

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 Coronavirus (COVID-19) What Students (Studying in India and Abroad) need to know.

16/04/2020  Georgia

The coronavirus continues to spread. As more countries impose quarantines, lockdown and social distancing, the fear of contamination....

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 Choose the Right Destination for Studying MBBS Abroad

03/04/2020  Georgia

Every student has to take a right step in his career after completion of his school. So, choosing the right career option is essential, that is why one should carefully decide....

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 Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

01/04/2020  China

Every student has to take a right step in his career after completion of his school. So, choosing the right career option is essential, that’s why one should carefully decide which degree is best for

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 MBBS in China Is Best for You to Grow

28/03/2020  China

Every parent wants to see their child to fulfil his/her dream, to achieve the success in life. Every parent wants to give quality education to their child for a better future. Studying medicine and becoming a doctor...

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 Study MBBS in China

24/03/2020  China

In this day and age, China and India have a very distinct position in the world. Both are countries with a large population. China and India are in fact the largest and second largest in...

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 MBBS in China – Admission Procedure

20/03/2020  China

There are around 50,000 MBBS seats available in India in Government colleges whereas 10 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests very year.This means that every year, ...

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