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Affiliation Medium of Instruction Eligibility Courses Offered
Approved by WHO and IMED.
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English. Study of Chinese language compulsory in the 1st year which can be extended. Passing of HSK(Chinese) new level IV is mandatory. 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Admission will be based on the highest credentials and admissions test (NEET)/interview. Degree Conferred as: MBBS
Duration : 5 years Studies and 1 year Internship. Internship may be done either in the university or in the home country.
Spacious and comfortable 4 sharing dormitories provided with modern amenities & attached baths. The Dormitories are separate for Boys & Girls with adequate security. Nutritious and hygienically prepared food available in the college. Although Chinese cuisine predominates in the canteen, it is possible to get cuisines from other countries.
Dali is considered to be one of the most picturesque hill resorts in China drawing tourists from all over the world.
Max: 26° C Min: 18° C
Max: 21° C Min: 4° C
No2, Hongsheng Road, Dali, Yunnan – 671003, P R China.
Located in 2nd ancient city of Dali in Yunnan.


The number of Indian students rushing to China for pursuing MBBS is increasing by the day. Clearly, their dreams of obtaining an MBBS degree from abroad are being fulfilled by China schools of medicine, particularly by Dali University. Dali is one of the best and popular universities in China for studying medicine. Dali University was established in the year 2001. It is located in the famous tourist city Dali, Yunan, China and is a tourist-friendly destination, which is a bonus for Indian students pursuing MBBS in China from Dali University. Dali University reports to the provincial government of Yunan and is listed with the World Health Organisation and International Medical Education Directory.

Dali University is a large coeducational higher education institution where students are placed at the cutting edge of their planned MBBS careers. The University offers courses and programs that lead to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of education. Dali University is spread over an area of 2,500 mu. It has two campuses, one at Gucheng (Ancient City campus) and the other at Xiaguan (Water Lily Campus).

In South Asia and Southeast Asia, Dali, an international University, is well known for the high standards of its MBBS program and the brilliant careers they build after graduating in medicine from there. Thousands of international students, innumerable to say the least, have graduated from Dali University. The University is ranked as the one that has the most foreign bachelor’s degree students in the Yunnan Province.

Dali University offers international MBBS for the students who are looking for studying MBBS in China. The course duration is of 6 years including one year of compulsory internship.

The classrooms at Dali are state-of-the-art and equipped with a modern library. There are more than 15 colleges including that of clinical medicine. In addition, there are 5 scientific research institutions, an affiliated hospital and a medical research institution. Spacious and comfortable hostels are available on the campus.



What makes studying MBBS at the Dali University are its infrastructure and course-related facilities as evidenced by the Dali University Hospital, a leading medical facility in Asia, covering a total area of 8.6 hectares with a construction area of 5360 square metres. It has 500 inpatient beds and 31 clinical departments. There are nearly 600 personnel working at the hospital.

The Hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment, such as the Hitachi 7180 biochemical analyzer, Nephro Care haemodialysis machine and Olympus hysteroscope, which have been put in place in order to meet the requirements of higher medical education. For practical lessons, this hospital offers Indian students a highly enriching experience. During the past ten years, the hospital has successfully conducted many new and complicated surgeries as well as medical breakthroughs, including the first Test-Tube Baby (In Vitro Fertilisation) of western Yunnan province, RF pedicel vertebral arch, bone screw treatment of spinal fractures, total hip replacement, giant Dextroacoustic Neuroma-Ectomy in Cere Bellopontine Angle, and Cardiac Surgery on beating heart.

In 2006, the hospital’s telemedicine centre was put into operation, which acts as a platform for developing more sophisticated items with high-tech equipment.


There are more than 1500 staff members and 700 professors, who include full-professors and associate professors. Adding to this rich repertory are 15 colleges, including that of clinical medicine.

In addition, there are 5 scientific Research Institutions and an Affiliated Hospital & a Medicine Research Institute.

Scientific Research

Dali University also attaches great importance to Scientific Research & Development. It has undertaken 171 scientific research programs, including 9 national and Provincial Natural Science Fund programs, and 21 other programs that have won the provincial science award.

The scientific research pool has compiled 116 textbooks and published over 3000 papers both at home and abroad. No doubt, Dali University is one of the best choices for Indian students when it comes to pursuing MBBS in China.



MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine)


The medium of instruction is English.


5 years of studies and 1 year of internship, which may be done either at the university or in the respective home countries of students.


10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Admission will be based on high school credentials and the NEET scorecard.

Fees Structure

Estimate of Expenses for 2021 Batch For International MBBS Program Dali University, P R China

Successful Doctors

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Neeraj Kumar Verma Uttar Pradesh India 2015
2 Mohammed Nadeem Uttar Pradesh India 2015
3 Aniruddha Ghosh West Bengal India 2015
4 Bhuvaneshwari Radhakrishnan Tamil Nadu India 2015
5 Prabhu Srinivas Dhanasekaran Tamil Nadu India 2015
6 Mayank Singh Madhya Pradesh India 2015
7 Pallavi Rai Uttar Pradesh India 2015
8 Prafull Kumar Uttar Pradesh India 2015
9 Ramanuj Uttar Pradesh India 2015
10 Shivam Shivajee Singh Gujarat India 2015
11 Sukanta Banerjee West Bengal India 2015
12 Surya Ramasamy Tamil Nadu India 2015
13 Bhashkar Pachouli Uttarakhand India 2015
14 Faiz Ahmad Uttar Pradesh India 2015
15 Junaid Akram Uttar Pradesh India 2015
16 Kuberan Kannaiah Tamil Nadu India 2015
17 Mubeshera Haque West Bengal India 2015
18 Rahul Kumar Yadav Tamil Nadu India 2015
19 Renganathan Srinivasan Tamil Nadu India 2015
20 Sadiq Iqbal Uttar Pradesh India 2015
21 Shanmuga Priyan Balasubramanian Tamil Nadu India 2015
22 Shifali Thakur Himachal Pradesh India 2015
23 Shubhan Ali Uttar Pradesh India 2015
24 Shyam Pandey Uttar Pradesh India 2015
25 Shivani Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2015
26 Sopiya Mandal West Bengal India 2015
27 Suman Mondal West Bengal India 2015
28 Sunil Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2015
29 Sutirtha Ghosh West Bengal India 2015

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Praveen Baiswar Uttar Pradesh India 2014
2 Priyam Shukla Uttar Pradesh India 2014
3 Keerthana Rani Padippurayil Thara Kerala India 2014
4 Avesh Ahmad Uttar Pradesh India 2014
5 Prantik Saha West Bengal India 2014
6 Shahrukh Sadaqat Uttar Pradesh India 2014
7 Shanmathi Mahendran Tamil Nadu India 2014
8 Deepak Anbazhagan Tamil Nadu India 2014
9 Rishabh Bajpai Chhattisgarh India 2014
10 Chaithanya Kumar Gowd Gundrathi Andhra pradesh India 2014
11 Puratchikavi Selvaraj Tamil Nadu India 2014
12 Anantharaj Karunakaran Tamil Nadu India 2014
13 Dhruv Samir Sheth Gujarat India 2014
14 Bhuvaneshwari Pandurangan Tamil Nadu India 2014
15 Keerthana Unnikrishnan Kerala India 2014
16 Ramya Mohanan Tamil Nadu India 2014
17 Prashant Rana Uttar Pradesh India 2014

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Debashis Debnath Tripura India 2013
2 Radhe Shyam Das West Bengal India 2013
3 Keshav Kumar Dewangan Chhattisgarh India 2013
4 Vandana Jeneneve Kerala India 2013
5 Zarrin Tasneem Shaikh West Bengal India 2013
6 Preethi Babu Tamil Nadu India 2013
7 Tuhin Subhra Konar West Bengal India 2013
8 Nisha Vinodkumar Mishra Maharashtra India 2013
9 Birlaprabu Namakodi Tamil Nadu India 2013
10 Granthana Sinha West Bengal India 2013
11 Ummae Farha West Bengal India 2013
12 Writwik Paul West Bengal India 2013
13 Maha Kadukkam Kunnath Kerala India 2013
14 Maria Meklyn Kerala India 2013
15 Abhinandan Saha West Bengal India 2013
16 Md Irfan West Bengal India 2013
17 Jabir Ali Sheikh Uttar Pradesh India 2013
18 Durga Prasad Vanum Odisha India 2013
19 Sarafat Ali West Bengal India 2013
20 Soumee Das West Bengal India 2013
21 Suman Dolai West Bengal India 2013
22 Hina Kausar Uttar Pradesh India 2013
23 Koteshwara Reddy Chinnareddy Andhra Pradesh India 2013
24 Ranjith Kumar Jaisankar Tamil Nadu India 2013
25 Mohd Zeeshan Uttar Pradesh India 2013
26 Jyoti Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2013
27 Jagannath Perumal Tamil Nadu India 2013
28 Aneesha Yerramsetty Andhra Pradesh India 2013
29 Akriti Joshi Nepal 2013
30 Alok Chandra Jha Nepal 2013
31 Arunima Shrivastva Nepal 2013
32 Baiju Jha Nepal 2013
33 Barsha Giri Nepal 2013
34 Basruddin Ahmed Nepal 2013
35 Bikram Kumar Gupta Nepal 2013
36 Bimal Ghimire Nepal 2013
37 Binay Thapa Nepal 2013
38 Kashindra Prasad Singh Nepal 2013
39 Kripa Poudel Nepal 2013
40 Mehtab Pravez Nepal 2013
41 Muna Gurung Nepal 2013
42 Navnit Kumar Jha Nepal 2013
43 Parmendra Shah Nepal 2013
44 Prakash Hamal Nepal 2013
45 Sabina Gurung Nepal 2013
46 Samikchya Adhikari Nepal 2013
47 Sandeep Gharti Nepal 2013
48 Shivendra Prasad Rajak Nepal 2013
49 Sony Gurung Nepal 2013
50 Sovit Kumar Gurung Nepal 2013
51 Sujal Adhikari Nepal 2013
52 Sujan Niraula Nepal 2013
53 Urusha Parwin Nepal 2013
54 Murshida Uddin Mithila Dhaka Bangladesh 2013
55 Ashish Tripathi Uttar Pradesh India 2013
56 Raghuvarthan Ravichandran Tamil Nadu India 2013
57 Arjun Kumar Saini Uttar Pradesh India 2013
58 Sankarshan Acharya Vipin Dingari Telangana India 2013
59 Annas Massod Khan Uttar Pradesh India 2013
60 Yadvendr Chaturvedi Uttar Pradesh India 2013
61 Jansi Rani Lenin Tamil Nadu India 2013
62 Vinoth Annamalai Tamil Nadu India 2013
63 Imran Wally West Bengal India 2013
64 Ankit Sharma Punjab India 2013
65 Shivam Sharma Punjab India 2013
66 Abhijeet Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2013
67 Anamika Haldar Jharkhand India 2013
68 Ayush Saraf Chhattisgarh India 2013
69 Jeeva Jayachandran Nair Kerala India 2013
70 Saad Ibna Hossain Bangladesh 2013
71 Mohd Asif Uttar Pradesh India 2013
72 Sayantan Ghosh West Bengal India 2013
73 Arifa Hossain West Bengal India 2013
74 Mubashir Aazam Uttar Pradesh India 2013
75 Rubaiya Rahman West Bengal India 2013
76 Sandipkumar Devendra Kumar Tripathi Maharashtra India 2013

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Aakash Thacharvilakom Ajith Kerala India 2012
2 Swathy Suny Sudan Kerala India 2012
3 Nainshree Bhunjiya West Bengal India 2012
4 Chandrika Mallavaram Andhra Pradesh India 2012
5 Rangamgari Balaji Andhra Pradesh India 2012
6 Iftekhar Ahmed Uttar Pradesh India 2012
7 Anjali Uday Mini Kerala India 2012
8 Ashlymol Benny Kerala India 2012
9 Basith Zakariya Chenattukuzhiyil Kerala India 2012
10 Chithira Vijayan Sheela Kerala India 2012
11 Divya Chilakabathina Andhra Pradesh India 2012
12 Dwipanyita Dutta Roy West Bengal India 2012
13 Jaison Kunjumon Kerala India 2012
14 Jini Madhavan Kerala India 2012
15 Nancy Peter Gomez Kerala India 2012
16 Premjith Premkumar Kerala India 2012
17 Vighnesh Thannickal Sunil Kerala India 2012
18 Dipan Samanta West Bengal India 2012
19 Ophelia Mukherjee West Bengal India 2012
20 Amina Majeed Kerala India 2012
21 Ashwani Thakur Himachal Pradesh India 2012
22 Ashwani Tiwari Uttar Pradesh India 2012
23 Aswin Chandran Kerala India 2012
24 Dhritiman Ghosh West Bengal India 2012
25 Imran Hekim Mohammad West Bengal India 2012
26 Nishant Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2012
27 Ranjan Nag West Bengal India 2012
28 Sabiha Sadique West Bengal India 2012
29 Sruthi Nair Kerala India 2012
30 Vinod Kumar Vallam Andhra Pradesh India 2012
31 Viswasilpi Viswadev Jayasree Kerala India 2012
32 Afsal Khan Abdul Vaheed Kerala India 2012
33 Allen Varghese Menachery Kerala India 2012
34 Anurag Puniya Rajasthan India 2012
35 Anwesha Dasmalakar West Bengal India 2012
36 Ashila Aliyar Aliyarukunju Shanifa Kerala India 2012
37 Awaneesh Kumar Uttar Pradesh India 2012
38 Dinesh Kumar Rajasthan India 2012
39 Haritkumar Dhavalkumar Joshi Gujarat India 2012
40 Shilpa Thulaseedhara Kurup Kerala India 2012
41 Stella Thomas Kerala India 2012
42 Surajit Singh West Bengal India 2012
43 Amit Kumar Rakshit West Bengal India 2012
44 Harinath Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2012
45 Amritha Louis Kerala India 2012
46 Anubhav Gupta Madhya Pradesh India 2012
47 Arundhati Maindola Uttarakhand India 2012
48 Athulya Gopal Kerala India 2012
49 Debasish Senapaty Odisha India 2012
50 Neelima Yadav Uttar Pradesh India 2012
51 Niaz Hussain Kerala India 2012
52 Shimy Henry Uttar Pradesh India 2012
53 Vinod Kumar Yadav Uttar Pradesh India 2012
54 Aashirbad Aryal Nepal 2012
55 Aashish Chaudhary Nepal 2012
56 Alisa Chapagain Nepal 2012
57 Ambika Belbase Nepal 2012
58 Arogya Neupane Nepal 2012
59 Bijay Prakash Sahani Nepal 2012
60 Bipin Shrestha Nepal 2012
61 Bipul Sharma Nepal 2012
62 Dhan Bahadur Tamang Nepal 2012
63 Jeetendra Yadav Nepal 2012
64 Krishnahari Ghimire Nepal 2012
65 Namrata Sah Nepal 2012
66 Nura Ghimire Nepal 2012
67 Om Prakash Jha Nepal 2012
68 Om Prakash Mandal Nepal 2012
69 Pramod Kumar Yadav Nepal 2012
70 Rahul Neupane Nepal 2012
71 Rajan Nepal Nepal 2012
72 Ramesh Kumar Mahato Nepal 2012
73 Rameshwar Yadav Nepal 2012
74 Rupendra Pokhrel Nepal 2012
75 Rupesh Chhetri Nepal 2012
76 Rupesh Shakya Nepal 2012
77 Samikshya Tamang Nepal 2012
78 Satish Goit Nepal 2012
79 Savita Aryal Nepal 2012
80 Shristi Chaudhary Nepal 2012
81 Suresh Tharu Nepal 2012
82 Vijay Kumar Mahato Nepal 2012
83 Zulfikar Ahamad Siddiqui Nepal 2012
84 B M Mohibul Hasan Bangladesh 2012
85 Tamanna Jahan Bangladesh 2012
86 Md Shahriar Kabir Anik Bangladesh 2012
87 Sheik Regan Rana Bangladesh 2012
88 Mohd Raish Uttar Pradesh India 2012
89 Athira Sivarajan Kerala India 2012
90 Merlin Mathew Kerala India 2012
91 Snigdha Pinreddy Telangana India 2012
92 Syed Asif Iqbal West Bengal India 2012
93 Benin John Yohannan Mary Celine Kerala India 2012
94 Chomsky Sellammuthu Tamil Nadu India 2012
95 Md Noor Alam West Bengal India 2012
96 Rose Thabeetha Theresa Kerala India 2012
97 Anandhu Rajendran Sujaya Kumari Kerala India 2012
98 Dharmajan Shophy Karunakaran Jenanive Kerala India 2012
99 Sreehari Rajeev Kerala India 2012
100 Suprakash Das Odisha India 2012

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Saranya Sheeja Sundaran Kerala India 2011
2 Arunjith Chandrasekharan Kerala India 2011
3 Apoorva Vijayashekar Karnataka India 2011
4 Bilvesh Haresh Mandalia Maharashtra India 2011
5 Mahendra Kumar Vinodkumar Mishra Maharashtra India 2011
6 Swarna Latha Thokala Andhra Pradesh India 2011
7 Asik Kabeer Das Kerala India 2011
8 Dona Mathew Kerala India 2011
9 Rishad Kollarukandi Kerala India 2011
10 Pradeep Kumar Pandey Chhattisgarh India 2011
11 Sreehari Raju Kerala India 2011
12 Jayakrishnan Shaji Kerala India 2011
13 Pallabi Mondal West Bengal India 2011
14 Ajmal Bangalath Kerala India 2011
15 Javad Ahammed Mukkannan Kerala India 2011
16 Shuhaib Abbas Mundakkattu Thody Kerala India 2011
17 Pulak Jana West Bengal India 2011
18 Aromal Dileep Kumar Kerala India 2011
19 Reshma Sultana West Bengal India 2011
20 Abdul Vasih Kadukkankunnath Kerala India 2011
21 Dharaniya Muthannan Tamil Nadu India 2011
22 Razi Alavi Bin Yoosuf Naduvathi Chali Kerala India 2011
23 Haritha Ambika Kerala India 2011
24 Vinila Kolla Andhra Pradesh India 2011
25 Hitesh Kalaiselvan Kerala India 2011
26 Naveen Gopakumar Sindhu Kerala India 2011
27 Anil Kumar Yadav Nepal 2011
28 Anu Priya Tripathi Nepal 2011
29 Arjun Baniya Nepal 2011
30 Arun Kumar Verma Nepal 2011
31 Ashish Aryal Nepal 2011
32 Bibek Mani Yadav Nepal 2011
33 Bijay Bhattarai Nepal 2011
34 Bijaya Babu Dhamala Nepal 2011
35 Binod Lama Nepal 2011
36 Bunesh Kumar Badal Nepal 2011
37 Deependra Gautam Nepal 2011
38 Eraz Khan Nepal 2011
39 Gyan Dev Thakur Nepal 2011
40 Hiran Singh Nepal 2011
41 Indra Dev Pandit Nepal 2011
42 Indu Kumari Yadav Nepal 2011
43 Janak Raj Pandey Nepal 2011
44 Jiteshwar Sharma Nepal 2011
45 Kamlesh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2011
46 Khom Bahadur Chaudhary Nepal 2011
47 Krishna Kumar Sah Nepal 2011
48 Kshipra Pandey Nepal 2011
49 Lomas Aryal Nepal 2011
50 Manish Khanal Nepal 2011
51 MD Basaruddin Nepal 2011
52 MD Sahabuddin Nepal 2011
53 Mrigendra Singh Nepal 2011
54 Nurhoda Dewan Nepal 2011
55 Prabhu Subba Nepal 2011
56 Prabin Yadav Nepal 2011
57 Prerana Thapa Nepal 2011
58 Prerna Mallik Nepal 2011
59 Purushotam Sah Nepal 2011
60 Purusottam Verma Nepal 2011
61 Pushpendra Tiwari Nepal 2011
62 Rabina Gurung Nepal 2011
63 Radheshyam Prasad Sah Nepal 2011
64 Rajnish Yadav Nepal 2011
65 Rakesh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2011
66 Ram Poudel Nepal 2011
67 Ramesh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2011
68 Ravi Roshan Gupta Nepal 2011
69 Ritika Rauniyar Nepal 2011
70 Rohit Dahal Nepal 2011
71 Roshana Gopali Nepal 2011
72 Rubina Khatun Nepal 2011
73 Rupesh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2011
74 Rupesh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2011
75 Sachin Lal Das Nepal 2011
76 Sambad Acharya Nepal 2011
77 Sangam Raj Gyawali Nepal 2011
78 Sanjeeb Kumar Yadav Nepal 2011
79 Santosh Kumar Sah Nepal 2011
80 Shristi Thapa Nepal 2011
81 Sonu Rana Magar Nepal 2011
82 Sujata Chaudhary Nepal 2011
83 Sunil Gurung Nepal 2011
84 Suraj Kumar Sandilya Nepal 2011
85 Suroj Napit Nepal 2011
86 Tejnath Tiwari Nepal 2011
87 Sobuj Al Mahmud Bangladesh 2011
88 Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Bangladesh 2011
89 Md Abu Bakkar Siddik Bangladesh 2011
90 Md Omar Sharif Bangladesh 2011
91 Syed Sadruzzaman Bangladesh 2011
92 Sheikh Delowar Alam Zilani Bangladesh 2011
93 Najnin Islam Bangladesh 2011
94 Mazharul Islam Bangladesh 2011
95 Tanvir Hasan Bangladesh 2011
96 Mef-Ta-Ul Jannat Bangladesh 2011
97 Mahammad Masudur Rahman Bangladesh 2011
98 Mahammad Shafiqul Islam Bangladesh 2011
99 Rozina Akter Bangladesh 2011
100 Sk Masudur Rahman Bangladesh 2011
101 Md Shahedul Islam Bangladesh 2011
102 Sourav Kumar Das Bangladesh 2011
103 Mohammad Ashraf Hossain Tanvir Bangladesh 2011
104 Md Musfiqul Alam Bangladesh 2011
105 Sourav Roy Bangladesh 2011
106 Tanha Khan Bangladesh 2011
107 Anchulal Kerala India 2011
108 Muhammed Rashid Nazarudeen Sheeba Kerala India 2011
109 Prabhu Kumar Kandla Andhra Pradesh India 2011

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Aashika Khadka Nepal 2010
2 Akash Kumar Mishra Nepal 2010
3 Amit Ghimire Jhapa Nepal 2010
4 Anu Vaidya Nepal 2010
5 Anushree Maharjan Nepal 2010
6 Ayushi Shrestha Nepal 2010
7 Chandra Bijay Ram Nepal 2010
8 Chunauti Dangi Nepal 2010
9 Dayaram Yadav Nepal 2010
10 Deepak Jaiswal Nepal 2010
11 Dhiraj Kumar Sah Nepal 2010
12 Elisha Shrestha Nepal 2010
13 Gajendra Shah Nepal 2010
14 Harigen Yadav Nepal 2010
15 Heena Thakur Nepal 2010
16 Jeetendra Prasad Gupta Nepal 2010
17 Jeetendra Yadav Siraha Nepal 2010
18 Kamal Kishor Yadav Nepal 2010
19 Krishma Pradhananga Nepal 2010
20 Krishna Adhikari Mahottari Nepal 2010
21 Krishna Khand Nepal 2010
22 Kusheshwar Mandal Nepal 2010
23 Lok Bahadur Kathayat Kanchanpur Nepal 2010
24 Madan Giri Nepal 2010
25 Manish Goit Nepal 2010
26 Manisha Thakur Nepal 2010
27 Manita Raut Kathmandu Nepal 2010
28 Manoj Kumar Shah Saptari Nepal 2010
29 Manoj Kumar Singh Nepal 2010
30 Md. Shaheed Ansari Nepal 2010
31 Murli Manohar Gupta Nepal 2010
32 Nabin Bohara Chhetri Dang Nepal 2010
33 Netra Prasad Banjade Nepal 2010
34 Nirmala Chaudhary Sunsari Nepal 2010
35 Omija Shrestha Nepal 2010
36 Pratima Ghimire Nepal 2010
37 Punita Kumari Yadav Nepal 2010
38 Rahul Dangura Kanchanpur Nepal 2010
39 Rakesh Shrestha Nepal 2010
40 Ram Bahadur Bista Dailekh Nepal 2010
41 Ratna Jung Shah Nepal 2010
42 Sandhya Shrestha Nepal 2010
43 Sanjay Kumar Paswan Dhanusha Nepal 2010
44 Santosh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2010
45 Santosh Kumar Sah Nepal 2010
46 Saurav Lal Joshi Nepal 2010
47 Shailika Shrestha Nepal 2010
48 Shlesha Acharya Nepal 2010
49 Shovit Raj Gurung Nepal 2010
50 Shree Ram Sharma Nepal 2010
51 Sudam Rajbanshi Nepal 2010
52 Suman Kumar Jaiswal Nepal 2010
53 Sunil Gurung Nepal 2010
54 Sunil Kumar Yadav Sarlahi Nepal 2010
55 Bhesh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2010
56 Md. Waseem Raja Ansari Nepal 2010
57 Prakash Bogati Nepal 2010
58 Rakesh Kumar Yadav Nepal 2010
59 Sushil Tamang Nepal 2010
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Adesh Bahadur Thapa Kaski Nepal 2009
2 Anish Kumar Jha Siraha Nepal 2009
3 Anita Mandal Nepal 2009
4 Ashish Adhikari Chitwan Nepal 2009
5 Bibhuti Sharma Mahottari Nepal 2009
6 Bishal Khatri Nepal 2009
7 Hari Ram Thakur Sonar Nepal 2009
8 Kshitiz Tiwari Chitwan Nepal 2009
9 Kumar Pran Shah Nepal 2009
10 Pramod Kumar Mandal Nepal 2009
11 Priti Bhattari Nepal 2009
12 Resham Gautam Kaski Nepal 2009
13 Roseneem Shrestha Nuwakot Nepal 2009
14 Sanjay Kumar Yadav Siraha Nepal 2009
15 Sarala Pokharel Bhaktapur Nepal 2009
16 Saraswati Pandey Nepal 2009
17 Shambhu Prasad Yadav Nepal 2009
18 Shashi Ranjan Mahottari Nepal 2009
19 Shreya Shrestha Lalitpur Nepal 2009
20 Sitesh Kumar Chaudhary Mahottari Nepal 2009
21 Sneha Shrestha Nepal 2009
22 Sujan Shrestha Jhapa Nepal 2009
23 Usha Shah Nepal 2009
24 Utsav Paudel Rupandehi Nepal 2009
25 Rishi Kumar Mandal Nepal 2009
26 Mamun Sarker Dhaka Bangladesh 2009

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Aalekh Raj Dahal Udaypur Nepal 2008
2 Abhinandan Gupta Banke Nepal 2008
3 Akesh Pradhan Chitwan Nepal 2008
4 Anoop Chaudhary Banke Nepal 2008
5 Ashmita Rai Khotang Nepal 2008
6 Birendra Raut Sarlahi Nepal 2008
7 Chahana Shrestha Baglung Nepal 2008
8 Chandan Chauhan Nepal 2008
9 Deepak Pandey Nepal 2008
10 Dhaka Kumar Shrestha Kaski Nepal 2008
11 Dil Momin Thapa Kathmandu Nepal 2008
12 Dumber Mani Bimali Jhapa Nepal 2008
13 Jagannath Yadav Rupandehi Nepal 2008
14 Khemraj Adhikari Siraha Nepal 2008
15 Kumar Roshan Jha Rautahat Nepal 2008
16 Manju B C Surkhet Nepal 2008
17 Monalisa Sangroula Lalitpur Nepal 2008
18 Naresh Yadav Saptari Nepal 2008
19 Nirmal Basaula Lamjung Nepal 2008
20 Poonam Kumari Yadav Parsa Nepal 2008
21 Prakash Banjade Arghakhanchi Nepal 2008
22 Rabindra Prasad Yadav Siraha Nepal 2008
23 Rajan Puri Parsa Nepal 2008
24 Ram Chandra KC Kavre Nepal 2008
25 Ram Kala KC Kavre Nepal 2008
26 Ranjit Kumar Das Siraha Nepal 2008
27 Rockey Prajapati Bhaktapur Nepal 2008
28 Sahisnu Shrestha Kavre Nepal 2008
29 Salman Shekh Banke Nepal 2008
30 Sulaxyana Shrestha Sunsari Nepal 2008
31 Sunil Kumar Chauhan Parsa Nepal 2008

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Nisha Mohan Das Kerala India 2007
2 Yubaraj Poudel Bardiya Nepal 2007
3 Top Bahadur G.C. Pyuthan Nepal 2007
4 Subash Paudeal Pyuthan Nepal 2007
5 Suman Pant Sarlahi Nepal 2007
6 Sanjay Kumar Verma Nepalgunj Nepal 2007
7 Saroj Giri Chitwan Nepal 2007
8 Sanjeev Mandal Siraha Nepal 2007
9 Sudhir Kumar Sah Mahottari Nepal 2007
10 Saroj Kumar Yadav Dhanusha Nepal 2007
11 Sanjay Kumar Yadav Siraha Nepal 2007
12 Saroj Kumar Yadav Siraha Nepal 2007
13 Sandeep Shakya Palpa Nepal 2007
14 Shova Maharjan Kathmandu Nepal 2007
15 Rakesh Kumar Yadav Siraha Nepal 2007
16 Rajib Neupane Bhairahawa Nepal 2007
17 Randhir Yadav Bhairahawa Nepal 2007
18 Ranju Thapa Salyan Nepal 2007
19 Prem Prakash Poudel Arghakhanchi Nepal 2007
20 Preshi Pant Surkhet Nepal 2007
21 Prabin Chandra Ghimire Jhapa Nepal 2007
22 Pradita Shrestha Nepalgunj Nepal 2007
23 Puspa Raj Khaniya Chitwan Nepal 2007
24 Nikesh Mani Shrestha Kathmandu Nepal 2007
25 Mitra Prasad Bhattarai Morang Nepal 2007
26 Mridulata Bohara Kathmandu Nepal 2007
27 Jaya Shrivastava Nepalgunj Nepal 2007
28 Hem Kumari Rai Dharan Nepal 2007
29 Hare Ram Majhi Morang Nepal 2007
30 Gauri Mukhiya Mahottari Nepal 2007
31 Dristi Paudel Bhairahawa Nepal 2007
32 Bipindra Khaniya Lamjung Nepal 2007
33 Avinas Rai Dharan Nepal 2007
34 Anu Dahal Mahottari Nepal 2007
35 Ashish Neupane Nepalgunj Nepal 2007
36 Ashish Bikram Shahi Butwal Nepal 2007
37 Balram Kumar Yadav Nepal 2007
38 Mazhar Hussain Khan Nepal 2007

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Angshumita Ghosh West Bengal India 2006
2 Chanukya Popuri Andhra Pradesh India 2006
3 Soumya Bhattacharya West Bengal India 2006
4 Monisha Shekhar West Bengal India 2006
5 Reejumol Ann A C Abraham Andhra Pradesh India 2006
6 Acopic Vyas Punjab India 2006
7 Tarun Kumar Maurya Uttar Pradesh India 2006
8 Kavitha Kambampati Andhra Pradesh India 2006
9 Jalaja Rayalacheruvu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
10 Nithesh Juturu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
11 Rajesh C H Andhra Pradesh India 2006
12 Naresh C H Andhra Pradesh India 2006
13 Krishna Chaitanya Andhra Pradesh India 2006
14 Ravi Kumar Singodia Rajasthan India 2006
15 Deepa Malepati Andhra Pradesh India 2006
16 Raj Kishore Yadav Mekala Gangaiah Andhra Pradesh India 2006
17 Ravi Teja Rudra Raju Andhra Pradesh India 2006
18 Satish Babu Mededi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
19 Rajesh Kumar Jharkhand India 2006
20 Sara Bobus Kerala India 2006
21 Rakesh Atkuri Andhra Pradesh India 2006
22 Raghava Prasanth Koduri Andhra Pradesh India 2006
23 Soumi Nag West Bengal India 2006
24 Sapna Biswas Jharkhand India 2006
25 Hima Bindu Napa Andhra Pradesh India 2006
26 Pratheesh R S Kerala India 2006
27 Tharian George Kerala India 2006
28 Saikat Mukherjee West Bengal India 2006
29 Bhargavi Kanipakam Andhra Pradesh India 2006
30 Ramakrishna Boodireddy Andhra Pradesh India 2006
31 Srinivasa Manga Rama Ganesh Andhra Pradesh India 2006
32 Sravan Yatirajula Andhra Pradesh India 2006
33 Vamsi Krishna Kolla Andhra Pradesh India 2006
34 Vinusha Kalidindi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
35 Sunil Kumar Valasareddy Andhra Pradesh India 2006
36 Shabeer Karalikattil T Kerala India 2006
37 Agnimita Roy West Bengal India 2006
38 Resmy Rama Varior Kerala India 2006
39 Rajesh Reddy K Andhra Pradesh India 2006
40 Sindhura Gadde Naga Andhra Pradesh India 2006
41 Aniruddha Das West Bengal India 2006
42 V R Siva Kumar Duddu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
43 Keerthana Lokireddy Andhra Pradesh India 2006
44 Babu SK Andhra Pradesh India 2006
45 Karthik Rachamalla Andhra Pradesh India 2006
46 Arun Ravi Kerala India 2006
47 Manideep Robbi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
48 Guru Ayyappa Ramsingh Andhra Pradesh India 2006
49 Pragna Bandi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
50 Ashok Ganguri Andhra Pradesh India 2006
51 Cyril Devassy Kerala India 2006
52 Debayan Mallik West Bengal India 2006
53 Rajasekhar Sunkara Andhra Pradesh India 2006
54 Srikanth Thangella Andhra Pradesh India 2006
55 Supriya Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2006
56 Atul Verma Uttar Pradesh India 2006
57 Mafat Shoaib Gujarat India 2006
58 Darshankumar Shukla Gujarat India 2006
59 Satheesh Tinku Kerala India 2006
60 Asha Tejaswi Lakkaraju Andhra Pradesh India 2006
61 Sindhu Passupuleti Andhra Pradesh India 2006
62 Divya Batchu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
63 Abhishek Pandey Uttar Pradesh India 2006
64 Neyaz Ahamed West Bengal India 2006
65 Subhasish Karmakar West Bengal India 2006
66 Pavan Kumar Kanchupadu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
67 Suraj Kumar Jha Bihar India 2006
68 Shamimah Siddique West Bengal India 2006
69 Rajde Hitesh Hashmukhlal Gujarat India 2006
70 Rafikul Alam West Bengal India 2006
71 Omar Faruk West Bengal India 2006
72 Sudheer Kumar Baranwal Uttar Pradesh India 2006
73 Ambarisha Myakala Andhra Pradesh India 2006
74 Sindhu N Andhra Pradesh India 2006
75 Jecky Dilip Kumar Shah Gujarat India 2006
76 Shilpa Duddu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
77 Rakesh Panda Odisha India 2006
78 Vaishali Telugu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
79 Nethuja Salagundlu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
80 Gayathri R Kerala India 2006
81 Nikhil Kumar Yadav Uttar Pradesh India 2006
82 Feba Rajan Kerala India 2006
83 Tabitha Supriya Kama Andhra Pradesh India 2006
84 Sindhusri Sudagani Andhra Pradesh India 2006
85 Akhil Das Kerala India 2006
86 Irfan Rahman K Kerala India 2006
87 Jagadeesh Kethinolla Andhra Pradesh India 2006
88 Pradhyumna Kumar Madabhushi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
89 Virut Chandrakant Patel Gujarat India 2006
90 Pallavi P Andhra Pradesh India 2006
91 Aniket Kumar Bihar India 2006
92 Nirakar Puhan Odisha India 2006
93 Prakash Karki Syangja Nepal 2006
94 Kumar Gurung Dharan Nepal 2006
95 Bikash Neupane Baglung Nepal 2006
96 Amna Uppal Lahore Pakistan 2006
97 Sofiqul Hassan West Bengal India 2006
98 Rachit Patel Gujarat India 2006
99 Nadiya Puli Andhra Pradesh India 2006
100 Neelansh Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2006
101 Pratap Pancheti Andhra Pradesh India 2006
101 Venkata Satya Srinivas Karnati Andhra Pradesh India 2006

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Pankaj Kr Neware West Bengal India 2005
2 Abhilash.V Kerala India 2005
3 Sujith Babu.C.S Kerala India 2005
4 Krishnan Unni. S. L Kerala India 2005
5 Jayasankar. S Kerala India 2005
6 Pramod.K.S Kerala India 2005
7 Blessy Mariam Babu Kerala India 2005
8 Muneer Babu A P Kerala India 2005
9 Jagath Priya C.S Kerala India 2005
10 Venkata Subbaiah Mayasula Andhra Pradesh India 2005
11 Gangadhara Rao Sanaka Andhra Pradesh India 2005
12 Boddu Sankar Reddy Andhra Pradesh India 2005
13 Sankar Pavan Reddy Nune Andhra Pradesh India 2005
14 Bijjam Rajasekhar Reddy Andhra Pradesh India 2005
15 Aneesha. S. S Kerala India 2005
16 Nukavarapu Madhusudan Rao Andhra Pradesh India 2005
17 K.Hari. Kumar Andhra Pradesh India 2005
18 G. Jyothsna Andhra Pradesh India 2005
19 Pinnaka Balakrishna Andhra Pradesh India 2005
20 V.Ramya Andhra Pradesh India 2005
21 Phanendra Godavarthi Andhra Pradesh India 2005
22 Sree Ram R Kerala India 2005
23 G.Anil. Kumar Andhra Pradesh India 2005
24 Thoutwar Harish Ramnarayan Maharashtra India 2005
25 P.Raghavendra Kumar Reddy Andhra Pradesh India 2005
26 Aswani Kumar Adavi Andhra Pradesh India 2005
27 Amy Ann Abraham Kerala India 2005
28 Jubin Varghese Jacob Kerala India 2005
29 P Prashanth Babu Andhra Pradesh India 2005
30 Arnab Banerjee West Bengal India 2005
31 M.Bhairava Nath Andhra Pradesh India 2005
32 Suraj.S.Nair Kerala India 2005
33 Sandra Rachel Nedunchezhian Kerala India 2005
34 Aneeshlal.S Kerala India 2005
35 Rudransh Mishra Uttar Pradesh India 2005
36 Manjirul Alam Shamim West Bengal India 2005
37 Sarang Uttar Pradesh India 2005
38 Romit Mitra West Bengal India 2005
39 Jemcy.J.Thomas Kerala India 2005
40 Rony Sam Verghese Kerala India 2005
41 Muneer.M Kerala India 2005
42 Sheena Raazi Otty Kerala India 2005
43 Anand Vijay Kumar Sydu Andhra Pradesh India 2005
44 Sajin Sadath Kerala India 2005
45 Anju Jayakumar Kerala India 2005
46 Md Ashique Reza Bihar India 2005
47 Avijit Ray West Bengal India 2005
48 Gouranga Sil West Bengal India 2005
49 N.P.Prakashini Polasi Andhra Pradesh India 2005
50 Edwin Raj Talari Karnataka India 2005
51 Khushboo Srivastava Uttar Pradesh India 2005
52 Sober Chaturvedi Uttar Pradesh India 2005
53 Syed Tanveer Reza West Bengal India 2005
54 Arkava Goswami West Bengal India 2005
55 Arunangshu Mishra West Bengal India 2005
56 Swarnendu Maiti West Bengal India 2005
57 Himanshu Surya Uttar Pradesh India 2005
58 Sindhuri Surampudi Andhra Pradesh India 2005
59 Md. Sufiyan West Bengal India 2005
60 Mustafa Asad West Bengal India 2005
61 Pinky Singh West Bengal India 2005
62 Neeraj Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2005
63 Rihad.A Kerala India 2005
64 Arun Gopi Kerala India 2005
65 Hazarath Reddy Kolli Andhra Pradesh India 2005
66 Ajay Kant Pandey Jharkhand India 2005
67 Elvina Raj Talari Karnataka India 2005
68 Avinash Kumar West Bengal India 2005
69 Avijit Karmakar West Bengal India 2005
70 Sayeri Dutta West Bengal India 2005
71 Siddharth Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2005
72 Mahesh Mareddy Andhra Pradesh India 2005
73 Bellamkonda Sindhuja Andhra Pradesh India 2005
74 Thanda Sushma Andhra Pradesh India 2005
75 Nalgonda Vikram Andhra Pradesh India 2005
76 Abhijit Raj Bihar India 2005
77 S.Shabana Azmi Andhra Pradesh India 2005
78 Ruchi Punjab India 2005
79 T.Prakash Andhra Pradesh India 2005
80 Suresh Verma Divi Andhra Pradesh India 2005
81 Clenin Francis Feriah Kerala India 2005
82 Ganta Leela Sruthi Andhra Pradesh India 2005
83 J.K.Chowdary Paruchuru Andhra Pradesh India 2005
84 Abhishek Sharan Bihar India 2005
85 Maheshwaram Shankara Chary Andhra Pradesh India 2005
86 Uma Midde Andhra Pradesh India 2005
87 Mohammed Afeef Choudhury West Bengal India 2005
88 Meenakshi Punjab India 2005
89 Gautam Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2005
90 Devendra Bharti Uttar Pradesh India 2005
91 Ayaz Ahmed Khan Uttar Pradesh India 2005
92 Sagnik Majhee Jharkhand India 2005
93 Venkat Sunkani Andhra Pradesh India 2005
94 Deepshikha Chandigarh India 2005
95 Mofeez Ahmed Bihar India 2005
96 Sharmila Bhandari Surkhet Nepal 2005
97 Gunjan Trital Itahari Nepal 2005
98 Alfred Ben. L Kerala India 2005
99 Thadagoni Girija Telangana India 2005
100 Kukkala Jagdeswari Andhra Pradesh India 2005
101 Sai Raja Sekhar Kasula Andhra Pradesh India 2005
102 Ramya Yadlapalli Andhra Pradesh India 2005

Enrolled Students

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Sandhya Kodi Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
2 Pankaj Kr Neware Burdwan, West Bengal India
3 Rekapalli Maheshwara Swami Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
4 Abhilash.V Kollam, Kerala India
5 Sujith Babu.C.S Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
6 Krishnanunni Somasekharan Nair Lalitha Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
7 Jayasankar. S Changanacherry, Kerala India
8 Pramod.K.S Kollam, Kerala India
9 Alfred Ben. L Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
10 Blessy Mariam Babu Alappuzha, Kerala India
11 Sudha Ramya Sruthi Adapa Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
12 Anusha Maddipatla Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
13 Muneer Babu A P Malappuram, Kerala India
14 Jagath Priya C.S Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
15 Venkata Subbaiah Mayasula Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
16 Gangadhara Rao Sanaka Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
17 Boddu Sankar Reddy Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
18 Sankar Pavan Reddy Nune Vinukonda, Andhra Pradesh India
19 Bijjam Rajasekhar Reddy Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
20 Aneesha. S. S Kollam, Kerala India
21 Nukavarapu Madhusudan Rao Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
22 Joseph Teegala Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
23 K.Hari Kumar Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
24 G. Jyothsna Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
25 Kukkala Jagdeswari Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh India
26 Pinnaka Balakrishna Prakasam Distt, Andhra Pradesh India
27 V.Ramya Madak dist, Andhra Pradesh India
28 Brungi Visweswara Rao Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh India
29 Phanendra Godavarthi West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh India
30 Haseena Midde Nandyala, Andhra Pradesh India
31 Sree Ram R Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
32 Anil Kumar Gudiputi Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh India
33 Isaac.T Warangal, Andhra Pradesh India
34 Thoutwar Harish Ramnarayan Chandrapur, Telangana India
35 P.Raghavendra Kumar Reddy Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh India
36 Aswani Kumar Adavi Krishna, Andhra Pradesh India
37 Yaswanth Reddy.P Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh India
38 B.Rajesh.Goud Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh India
39 Amy Ann Abraham CHENGANNUR, Kerala India
40 Jubin Varghese Jacob Kollam, Kerala India
41 Prashanth Babu Pasupula Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh India
42 Arnab Banerjee Kolkata, West Bengal India
43 M.Bhairava Nath Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh India
44 Suraj S Nair Kottayam, Kerala India
45 Sandra Rachel Nedunchezhian Ernakulam, Kerala India
46 Vysakh.V.K Kollam, Kerala India
47 Aneeshlal Sasidharan Pillai Kollam, Kerala India
48 Rudransh Mishra Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
49 Manjirul Alam Shamim Murshidabad, West Bengal India
50 Sarang Srivastava Gonda, Uttar Pradesh India
51 Romit Mitra Kolkata, West Bengal India
52 Jemcy Jayies Thomas Cochin, Kerala India
53 Rony Sam Verghese Tiruvella, Kerala India
54 Muneer.M Malappuram, Kerala India
55 Sheena Raazi Otty Kasaragode, Kerala India
56 Anand Vijay Kumar Sydu Krishna, Andhra Pradesh India
57 Sajin Sadath Thiruvananthpuram, Kerala India
58 Anju Jayakumar Kollam, Kerala India
59 Md Ashique Reza Patna, Bihar India
60 Mofeez Ahmed Vaishali, Bihar India
61 Avijit Ray Malda, West Bengal India
62 Gouranga Sil Barasat, West Bengal India
63 Norris Veronica Gyi Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh India
64 Naga Padmaja Prakashini Polasi Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
65 Edwin Raj Talari Bangalore, Karnataka India
66 Khushboo Srivastava Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
67 Sober Chaturvedi Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
68 Syed Tanveer Reza Kolkata, West Bengal India
69 Arkava Goswami Howrah, West Bengal India
70 Arunangshu Mishra Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal India
71 Swarnendu Maiti Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal India
72 Himanshu Surya Badauri, Uttar Pradesh India
73 Devendra Bharti Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
74 Donbor Khongwir Shillong, Meghalaya India
75 G.Deepthi Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh India
76 Sindhuri Surampudi Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
77 Sai Raja Sekhar Kasula Hyderabad, Telangana India
78 T.Sasi Kanth Khammam, Andhra Pradesh India
79 Bikas Kali Das Siliguri, West Bengal India
80 Md. Sufiyan Kolkata, West Bengal India
81 Mustafa Asad Kolkata, West Bengal India
82 Pinky Singh Kolkata, West Bengal India
83 Gautam Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
84 Neeraj Singh Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
85 Rihad.A Kollam, Kerala India
86 Arun Gopi Kollam, Kerala India
87 Rahul Krishnan R Kollam, Kerala India
88 Hazarath Reddy Kolli Hyderabad, Telangana India
89 Ajay Kant Pandey Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand India
90 Sagnik Majhee Singhbhum, Jharkhand India
91 Elvina Raj Talari Bangalore, Karnataka India
92 Avinash Kumar Gurgaon, Haryana India
93 Avijit Karmakar Nadia, West Bengal India
94 Sayeri Dutta Kolkata, West Bengal India
95 Siddharth Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
96 Nihmath Kizhakkedil Malappuram, Kerala India
97 Mahesh Mareddy Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
98 Bellamkonda Sindhuja Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh India
99 Sushma Thanda Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh India
100 Nalgonda Vikram Nalgonda, Telangana India
101 Abhijit Raj Champaran, Bihar India
102 Deepshikha Mohali, Punjab India
103 S.Shabana Azmi Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh India
104 Meenakshi Punjab, Punjab India
105 Mekula Swetha Khammam, Telangana India
106 Ruchi Hoshiarpur, Punjab India
107 Prakash Thatigari Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
108 Durga Bhavani Narni Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
109 Ramya Yadlapalli Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
110 Suresh Verma Divi Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
111 Shaik Abdul Khader Zilani Narasa Pet, Andhra Pradesh India
112 Venkat Sunkani Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
113 Clenin Francis Feriah Kollam, Kerala India
114 Ganta Leela Sruthi Eluru;W.G Dt, Andhra Pradesh India
115 J.K.Chowdary Paruchuru Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
116 Thadagoni Girija Hyderabad, Telangana India
117 Abhishek Sharan Samastipur, Bihar India
118 Maheshwaram Shankara Chary Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh India
119 Uma Midde Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh India
120 Mohammed Afeef Choudhury Kolkata, West Bengal India
121 Ayaz Ahmed Khan Distt Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh India
122 Gunjan Trital Itahari Nepal
123 Sharmila Bhandari Surkhet Nepal
124 N.Mallikharjuna Rao  Andhra Pradesh India

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Angshumita Ghosh Kolkata, West Bengal India
2 Nadiya Puli Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
3 Neelansh Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
4 Chanukya Popuri Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
5 Soumya Bhattacharya Chandannagar, West Bengal India
6 Monisha Shekhar Kolkata, West Bengal India
7 Mona Deepa Ranchi, Jharkhand India
8 Mohammed Sabith T M Thrissur, Kerala India
9 Rachit Patel Baroda, Gujarat India
10 Reejumol Ann A C Abraham Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh India
11 Sadguru Swamy Muvva Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
12 Sanu Gurung Guwahati, Assam India
13 Acopic Vyas Gurdaspur, Punjab India
14 Sirisha Boyini Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh India
15 Tarun Kumar Maurya Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
16 Kavitha Kambampati Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
17 Jalaja Rayalacheruvu Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
18 Nithesh Juturu Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh India
19 Rajesh Chelakala Palli Karimnagar, Telangana India
20 Naresh C H Karimnagar, Telangana India
21 Chandra Mohan Reddy Valluru Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
22 Venkata Kishore Bodimalla Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
23 Krishna Chaitanya Panyam Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
24 Pratap Pancheti Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
25 Ravi Kumar Singodia Jaipur, Rajasthan India
26 Deepa Malepati Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh India
27 Pallavi Puli Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh India
28 Raj Kishore Yadav Mekala Gangaiah Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
29 Siddardha Kamal Anantaraju Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
30 Raviteja Rudra Raju Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh India
31 Satish Babu Mededi Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh India
32 Rajesh Kumar Ranchi, Jharkhand India
33 Sara Bobus Ernakulam, Kerala India
34 Rakesh Atkuri Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
35 Raghava Prasanth Koduri Chilakaluripet, Andhra Pradesh India
36 Soumi Nag Burdwan, West Bengal India
37 Sapna Biswas Dhanbad, Jharkhand India
38 Hima Bindu Napa Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
39 Pratheesh R S Kollam, Kerala India
40 Aniket Kumar Madhepura, Bihar India
41 Tharian George Alwaye, Kerala India
42 Saikat Mukherjee Hooghly, West Bengal India
43 Bhargavi Kanipakam Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh India
44 Ramakrishna Boodireddy Karimnagar, Telangana India
45 Srinivasa Manga Rama Ganesh Palanki Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh India
46 Sravan Yatirajula Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
47 Nirakar Puhan Cuttack, Odisha India
48 Virut Chandrakant Patel Rajkot, Gujarat India
49 Vamsi Krishna Kolla Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
50 Vinusha Kalidindi Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
51 Rami Reddy Yarram Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
52 Sunil Kumar Valasareddy Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
53 Sruthi Vunnamatla Khammam, Andhra Pradesh India
54 Shabeer Karalikattil T Malappuram, Kerala India
55 Agnimita Roy Burdwan, West Bengal India
56 Resmy Rama Varior Ernakulam, Kerala India
57 Rajesh Reddy Kothakapu     Narayanpet, Andhra Pradesh India
58 Pradhyumna Kumar Madabhushi Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
59 Sindhura Gadde Naga Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
60 Aniruddha Das Burdwan, West Bengal India
61 V R Siva Kumar Duddu East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh India
62 Keerthana Lokireddy Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh India
63 Babu SK Kodad, Andhra Pradesh India
64 Hanna Samuel Gollapally Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
65 Karthik Rachamalla Karimnagar, Telangana India
66 Arun Ravi Kollam, Kerala India
67 Manideep Robbi Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh India
68 Prasanta Biswas Hooghly, West Bengal India
69 Gaurab Ghoshal Kolkata, West Bengal India
70 Guru Ayyappa Ramsingh Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
71 Pragna Bandi Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
72 Ashok Ganguri Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
73 Cyril Devassy Ernakulam, Kerala India
74 Debayan Mallik Kolkata, West Bengal India
75 Rajasekhar Sunkara Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
76 Srikanth Thangella Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh India
77 Ravali Akinapally Hyderabad, Telangana India
78 Supriya Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
79 Atul Verma Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh India
80 Mafat Shoaib Palanpur, Gujarat India
81 Nachu A.K Kochi, Kerala India
82 Darshankumar Shukla Chansma, Gujarat India
83 Tinku Satheesh Trivandrum, Kerala India
84 Asha Tejaswi Lakkaraju Suryapet, Telangana India
85 Sindhu Passupuleti Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh India
86 Divya Batchu Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
87 Abhishek Pandey Gonda, Uttar Pradesh India
88 Neyaz Ahamed Haroa, West Bengal India
89 Subhasish Karmakar Malda, West Bengal India
90 Pavan Kumar Kanchupadu Hyderabad, Telangana India
91 Riddhi Bhattacharya New Delhi, New Delhi India
92 Sourav Jana Kolkata, West Bengal India
93 Suraj Kumar Jha Darbhanga, Bihar India
94 Shamimah Siddique Kolkata, West Bengal India
95 Rajde Hitesh Hashmukhlal Devdar, Gujarat India
96 Rafikul Alam Murshidabad, West Bengal India
97 Omar Faruk Murshidabad, West Bengal India
98 Sudheer Kumar Baranwal Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
99 Amitrajit Maiti Kolkata, West Bengal India
100 Ambarisha Myakala Mahaboob Nagar, Telangana India
101 Sindhu Nuthi Chittor, Andhra Pradesh India
102 Jecky Dilip Kumar Shah Baroda, Gujarat India
103 Venkata Satya Srinivas Karnati Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
104 Shilpa Duddu Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
105 Rakesh Panda Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
106 Vaishali Telugu Mahaboob Nagar, Andhra Pradesh India
107 Nethuja Salagundla Chittor, Andhra Pradesh India
108 Gayathri R Trivandrum, Kerala India
109 Nikhil Kumar Yadav Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
110 Sofiqul Hassan Murshidabad, West Bengal India
111 Bimbadhar Valluru Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
112 Vamshi Krishna Gundla Mizamabad, Andhra Pradesh India
113 Feba Rajan Alleppey, Kerala India
114 Tabitha Supriya Kama Khammam, Andhra Pradesh India
115 Sindhusri Sudagani Nalgonda, Telangana India
116 Manisha Kumari Saharsa, Bihar India
117 Akhil Das Kollam, Kerala India
118 Irfan Rahman K Calicut, Kerala India
119 Jagadeesh Kethinolla Chittor, Andhra Pradesh India
120 Dinesh Kumar Reddy Vijayanagaram, Andhra Pradesh India
121 Amna Uppal  Lahore Pakistan
122 Bikash Neupane Baglung Nepal
123 Kumar Gurung Dharan Nepal
124 Prakash Karki Syangja Nepal

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Dhalu Sugathan Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
2 Aromal Dileep Kumar Nallila, Kerala India
3 Dona Mathew Idukki, Kerala India
4 Ajmal Bangalath Malappuram, Kerala India
5 Javad Ahammed Mukkannan Malappuram, Kerala India
6 Anchulal Kollam, Kerala India
7 Salva Sulfeekar Malappuram, Kerala India
8 Sreelekshmi Prasanna Kumary Kollam, Kerala India
9 Amal Pradeep Alappuzha, Kerala India
10 Haritha Ambika Kollam, Kerala India
11 Hattie Merin John Nedumkandom, Kerala India
12 Saranya Sheeja Sudarsan Trivandrum, Kerala India
13 Vigneshwaran Gopinathan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
14 Abdul Vasih Kadukkankunnath Palakkad, Kerala India
15 Shuhaib Abbas Mundakkattu Thody Palakkad, Kerala India
16 Fasil Vilakkumadathil Malapuram, Kerala India
17 Rishad Kollarukandi Malapuram Dist, Kerala India
18 Asik Kabeer Das Trivandrum, Kerala India
19 Naga Prathyush Chandra Pillarisetty Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
20 Swarna Latha Thokala Thirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
21 Sarabu Saroja Khammam, Telangana India
22 Vinila Kolla Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
23 Ramiz Raja Islam Kolkata, West Bengal India
24 Sameera Koideente Purakkal Tirur, Kerala India
25 Christo Simon Alappuzha, Kerala India
26 Ridhika Ramesh Aluva, Kerala India
27 Rajkumar Vallippi Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh India
28 Dharaniya Muthannan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
29 Mahendra Kumar Vinodkumar Mishra Mumbai, Maharashtra India
30 Bilvesh Haresh Mandalia Mumbai, Maharashtra India
31 Prabhu Kumar Kandla Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh India
32 Jayakrishnan Shaji Ernakulam, Kerala India
33 Neha Chouhan Korba, Chhattisgarh India
34 Apoorva Vijayashekar Bangalore, Karnataka India
35 Philip Stephen John Krishnagiri-Dist, Tamil Nadu India
36 Hitesh Kalaiselvan Kollam, Kerala India
37 Pulak Jana Barasat, West Bengal India
38 Naveen Gopakumar Sindhu Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
39 Kanwaryab Haridwar, Uttarakhand India
40 Razi Alavi Bin Yoosuf Naduvathi Chali Malappuram, Kerala India
41 Shibla Padinharayil Malappuram, Kerala India
42 Arunjith Chandrasekharan Kollam, Kerala India
43 Pradeep Kumar Pandey Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh India
44 Muhammed Rashid Nazarudeen Sheeba Kollam, Kerala India
45 Sreehari Raju Trivandrum, Kerala India
46 Nivetha Gandhi Neelagandan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
47 Moumita Biswas Kolkata, West Bengal India
48 Pallabi Mondal Kolkata, West Bengal India
49 Reshma Sultana Dist-Hooghly, West Bengal India
50 Muzammal Islam Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan Pakistan
51 Muhammad Shazil Tariq Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
52 Beenish Zafar Faisalabad, Pakistan Pakistan
53 Rubab Arshad Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
54 Muhammad Usman Sheikhupura, Pakistan Pakistan
55 Saba Sarwar Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
56 Hinza Ijaz Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
57 Sami Mahmood Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
58 Faiz Rasool Sahiwal, Pakistan Pakistan
59 Sobuj Al Mahmud  Bangladesh Bangladesh
60 Md Habibur Rahman  Bangladesh Bangladesh
61 Mohammad Mehedi Hasan  Bangladesh Bangladesh
62 Md Abu Bakkar Siddik  Bangladesh Bangladesh
63 Md Omar Sharif  Bangladesh Bangladesh
64 Jasia Siddique  Bangladesh Bangladesh
65 Syed Sadruzzaman  Bangladesh Bangladesh
66 Sheikh Delowar Alam Zilani  Bangladesh Bangladesh
67 Najnin Islam  Bangladesh Bangladesh
68 Mazharul Islam  Bangladesh Bangladesh
69 Tanvir Hasan  Bangladesh Bangladesh
70 Mef-Ta-Ul Jannat  Bangladesh Bangladesh
71 Mahammad Masudur Rahman  Bangladesh Bangladesh
72 Mahammad Shafiqul Islam  Bangladesh Bangladesh
73 Rozina Akter  Bangladesh Bangladesh
74 Sk Masudur Rahman  Bangladesh Bangladesh
75 Md Shahedul Islam  Bangladesh Bangladesh
76 Sourav Kumar Das  Bangladesh Bangladesh
77 Mohammad Ashraf Hossain Tanvir Natore, Bangladesh Bangladesh
78 Md Musfiqul Alam Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
79 Sourav Roy Bagerhat, Bangladesh Bangladesh
80 Tanha Khan Chittagong, Bangladesh Bangladesh
81 Anil Kumar Yadav  Nepal Nepal
82 Anu Priya Tripathi  Nepal Nepal
83 Arjun Baniya  Nepal Nepal
84 Arun Kumar Verma  Nepal Nepal
85 Ashish Aryal  Nepal Nepal
86 Bibek Mani Yadav  Nepal Nepal
87 Bijay Bhattarai  Nepal Nepal
88 Bijaya Babu Dhamala  Nepal Nepal
89 Binod Lama  Nepal Nepal
90 Bunesh Kumar Badal  Nepal Nepal
91 CD Bhusal  Nepal Nepal
92 Deependra Gautam  Nepal Nepal
93 Eraz Khan  Nepal Nepal
94 Gyan Dev Thakur  Nepal Nepal
95 Hiran Singh  Nepal Nepal
96 Indra Dev Pandit  Nepal Nepal
97 Indresh Kumar Mishra  Nepal Nepal
98 Indu Kumari Yadav  Nepal Nepal
99 Janak Raj Pandey  Nepal Nepal
100 Jiteshwar Sharma  Nepal Nepal
101 Kamlesh Kumar Yadav  Nepal Nepal
102 Khom Bahadur Chaudhary  Nepal Nepal
103 Krishna Kumar Sah  Nepal Nepal
104 Kshipra Pandey  Nepal Nepal
105 Lomas Aryal  Nepal Nepal
106 Manish Khanal  Nepal Nepal
107 MD. Basaruddin Ansari  Nepal Nepal
108 MD Sahabuddin  Nepal Nepal
109 Mrigendra Singh  Nepal Nepal
110 Neema Gurung  Nepal Nepal
111 Nurhoda Dewan  Nepal Nepal
112 Prabhu Subba  Nepal Nepal
113 Prabin Yadav  Nepal Nepal
114 Prabin Yadav  Nepal Nepal
115 Prerana Thapa  Nepal Nepal
116 Prerna Mallik  Nepal Nepal
117 Purushotam Sah  Nepal Nepal
118 Purusottam Verma  Nepal Nepal
119 Pushpendra Tiwari  Nepal Nepal
120 Rabina Gurung  Nepal Nepal
121 Radheshyam Prasad Sah  Nepal Nepal
122 Rajnish Yadav  Nepal Nepal
123 Rakesh Kumar Yadav  Nepal Nepal
124 Ram Poudel  Nepal Nepal
125 Ramesh Kumar Yadav  Nepal Nepal
126 Rashmi Shrestha  Nepal Nepal
127 Ravi Roshan Gupta  Nepal Nepal
128 Ritika Rauniyar  Nepal Nepal
129 Rohit Dahal  Nepal Nepal
130 Jeevan Gaire  Nepal Nepal
131 Roshna Gopali  Nepal Nepal
132 Rubina Khatun  Nepal Nepal
133 Rupesh Kumar Yadav  Nepal Nepal
134 Rupesh Kumar Yadav  Nepal Nepal
135 Sachin Lal Das  Nepal Nepal
136 Sambad Acharya  Nepal Nepal
137 Sangam Raj Gyawali  Nepal Nepal
138 Sanjeeb Kumar Yadav  Nepal Nepal
139 Santosh Kumar Sah  Nepal Nepal
140 Shristi Thapa  Nepal Nepal
141 Shristi Shrestha Nepal
142 Sonu Rana Magar  Nepal Nepal
143 Sujata Chaudhary  Nepal Nepal
144 Sunil Gurung  Nepal Nepal
145 Suraj Kumar Sandilya  Nepal Nepal
146 Suroj Napit  Nepal Nepal
147 Sushant Lamichane  Nepal Nepal
148 Sushil Kumar  Nepal Nepal
149 Tejnath Tiwari  Nepal Nepal

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Aakash Thacharvilakom Ajith Kottayam, Kerala India
2 Abai Robin Geethabhavanam Soman Trichur, Kerala India
3 Afsal Khan Abdul Vaheed Trivandrum, Kerala India
4 Allen Varghese Menachery Eranakulam(Dist), Kerala India
5 Aman Nirmale Korba, Chhattisgarh India
6 Amina Majeed Kollam, Kerala India
7 Amit Kumar Rakshit Kolkata, West Bengal India
8 Amritha Louis Alleppy, Kerala India
9 Anandu Rajendran Sujaya Kumari Pathnamthitta(Dst), Kerala India
10 Anjali Uday Mini Kollam, Kerala India
11 Anju Cleetus Ernakulam, Kerala India
12 Anubhav Gupta Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India
13 Anurag Puniya Sanchore, Rajasthan India
14 Anwar Hussain Kollam, Kerala India
15 Anwesha Dasmalakar Medinipur, West Bengal India
16 Arunprasath Panneerselvam Guruvadi Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
17 Arundhati Maindola Kotdwara, Uttarakhand India
18 Ashila Aliyar Aliyarukunju Shanifa Kollam, Kerala India
19 Ashique Shajahan Kollam, Kerala India
20 Ashlymol Benny Ernakulam, Kerala India
21 Ashwani Thakur Mandi, Himachal Pradesh India
22 Ashwani Tiwari Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
23 Aswathy Saraswathi Kollam, Kerala India
24 Aswin Chandran Pathannamthitta, Kerala India
25 Athira Sivarajan Kollam, Kerala India
26 Athulya Gopal Palakkad, Kerala India
27 Awaneesh Kumar Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh India
28 Basith Zakariya Chenattukuzhiyil Malappuram, Kerala India
29 Bency Joan Flora Ebikani Viruthunagar, Tamil Nadu India
30 Benin John Yohannan Mary Celine Trivandrum, Kerala India
31 Chandrika Mallavaram Chittor, Andhra Pradesh India
32 Chithira Vijayan Sheela Kollam, Kerala India
33 Chomsky Sellammuthu Ariyalur(Dt), Tamil Nadu India
34 Cyril Saju George Pathanamthitta, Kerala India
35 Debashis Modak Kalyani, West Bengal India
36 Debasish Senapaty Cuttack, Odisha India
37 Devendra Kumar Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh India
38 Dharmajan Shophy Karunakaran Jenanive Trivandrum, Kerala India
39 Dhritiman Ghosh Burdwan, West Bengal India
40 Dinesh Kumar Sanchore, Rajasthan India
41 Dipan Samanta Kolkata, West Bengal India
42 Divya Chilakabathina Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
43 Divya Prakash Etah, Uttar Pradesh India
44 Dwipanyita Dutta Roy Kolkata, West Bengal India
45 Harinath Singh Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
46 Haritkumar Dhavalkumar Joshi Anand, Gujarat India
47 Hemant Sharma Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India
48 Iftekhar Ahmed Siddharth nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
49 Imran Hekim Mohammad Dist-Murshidabad, West Bengal India
50 Jaison Kunjumon Kollam, Kerala India
51 Jini Madhavan Palakad Dt, Kerala India
52 Khadija Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh India
53 Lalit Gupta Delhi, Delhi India
54 Mahesh Kumar Jodhpur, Rajasthan India
55 Manu Matrick Triruvananthapuram, Kerala India
56 Md Noor Alam DIST- MURSHIDABAD, West Bengal India
57 Megha Maria Zacharias Kottayam, Kerala India
58 Merlin Mathew Idukki, Kerala India
59 Mohd Raish Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
60 B M Mohibul Hasan Gopalganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
61 Obaydul Hoque Feni, Bangladesh Bangladesh
62 Mohd Sameer Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
63 Muhammed Rafi Alappuzha, Kerala India
64 Nagi Resmi Ravindran Trivandrum, Kerala India
65 Nainshree Bhunjiya Kolkata, West Bengal India
66 Tamanna Jahan Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
67 Nancy Peter Gomez Kollam, Kerala India
68 Navya Anireddy Nalagonda, Andhra Pradesh India
69 Neelima Yadav Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
70 Niaz Hussain Kollam, Kerala India
71 Nishant Rajdeep Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
72 Nishant Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
73 Ophelia Mukherjee Hooghly, West Bengal India
74 Md Shahriar Kabir Anik Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
75 Poovarasan Veerasamy Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
76 Pranay Kumar Halder Korba, Chhattisgarh India
77 Premjith Premkumar Trivandrum, Kerala India
78 Balaji Rangamgari Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
79 Ranjan Nag Burdwan, West Bengal India
80 Rose Thabeetha Theresa Ernakulam(Dist), Kerala India
81 Sabareesh Sukesh Kumar Kollam, Kerala India
82 Sabiha Sadique Murshidabad, West Bengal India
83 Sana Siddiqui Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh India
84 Md Nasir Uddin Pabna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
85 Sanjo Chakkaiath Ernakulam, Kerala India
86 Sathiya Kumaravel Dharmapuri(D.T), Tamil Nadu India
87 Shilpa Thulaseedhara Kurup Alappuzha, Kerala India
88 Memoona Sarwar Punjab, Pakistan Pakistan
89 Shimy Henry Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
90 Sinduja Ramanathan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
91 Sivareddy Kamireddy Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh India
92 Sneha Suresh Idukki, Kerala India
93 Snehasish Ghosh Raiganj, West Bengal India
94 Snigdha Pinreddy Karim Nagar, Telangana India
95 Sohel Laskar Kolkata, West Bengal India
96 Sreehari Rajeev Kollam, Kerala India
97 Sahar Javed Gujranwala, Pakistan Pakistan
98 Kaukab Mehmood Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
99 Ammara Mehmood Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
100 Sheik Regan Rana Gopalgang, Bangladesh Bangladesh
101 Sruthi Nair Trivandrum, Kerala India
102 Stella Thomas Idukki, Kerala India
103 Sujeet Kumar Yadav Bangalore, Karnataka India
104 Sumesh Surendran Trivandrum, Kerala India
105 Suprakash Das Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
106 Surajit Singh Kolkata, West Bengal India
107 Swathy Suny Sudan Kollam, Kerala India
108 Syed Asif Iqbal Dist-Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal India
109 Vanathu Anthony Raj Savari Rayar Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
110 Vighnesh Thannickal Sunil Eranakulam, Kerala India
111 Vijay Mahendran Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu India
112 Vinod Kumar Vallam Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh India
113 Vinod Kumar Yadav Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
114 Vishaal Sundar Rusven Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
115 Viswasilpi Viswadev Jayasree Trivandrum, Kerala India
116 Anam Javaid  Pakistan Pakistan
117 Krishnahari Ghimire Nepal
118 Dhan Bahadur Tamang Nepal
119 Bikash Mehta Nepal
120 Jay Kumar Yadav Nepal
121 Aashirbad Aryal Nepal
122 Arogya Neupane Nepal
123 Ambika Belbase Nepal
124 Namrata Sah Nepal
125 Vijay Kumar Mahato Nepal
126 Alisa Chapagain Nepal
127 Bipin Shrestha Nepal
128 Satish Goit Nepal
129 Pramod Kumar Yadav Nepal
130 Om Prakash Jha Nepal
131 Sunil Kumar Sah Nepal
132 Suresh Tharu Nepal
133 Ramesh Kumar Mahato Nepal
134 Rahul Neupane Nepal
135 Bijay Prakash Sahani Nepal
136 Savita Aryal Nepal
137 Rupesh Chhetri Nepal
138 Sushil Kumar Yadav Nepal
139 Kanchan Kumari Jha Nepal
140 Nura Ghimire Nepal
141 Aashish Chaudhary Nepal
142 Murli Kumar Sah Nepal
143 Rupendra Pokhrel Nepal
144 Rajan Nepal Nepal
145 Devkant Kumar Sah Nepal
146 Rameshwar Yadav Nepal
147 Suman Poudyal Nepal
148 Rupesh Shakya Nepal
149 Bipul Sharma Nepal
150 Shama Kayum Ansari Nepal
151 Shailendra Kumar Nepal
152 Zulfikar Ahamad Siddiqui Nepal
153 Jeetendra Yadav Nepal
154 Samikshya Tamang Nepal
155 Ang Nima Sherpa Nepal
156 Om Prakash Mandal Nepal
157 Shristi Chaudhary Nepal
158 Anisha Singh  West Bengal India
159 Alok Kumar Yadav  Uttar Pradesh India
160 Ashish Singh  Uttar Pradesh India
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Aashika Khadka Nepal
2 Akash Kumar Mishra Nepal
3 Amit Ghmire Nepal
4 Annu Vaidya Nepal
5 Anushree Maharjan Nepal
6 Ayushi Shrestha Nepal
7 Bhesh Kumar Yadav Nepal
8 Bimal Kumar Yadav Nepal
9 Chandra Bijay Ram Nepal
10 Chunauti Dangi Nepal
11 Dayaram Yadav Nepal
12 Deepak Jaiswal Nepal
13 Dhiraj Kumar Sah Nepal
14 Dipendra Yadav Nepal
15 Elisha Shrestha Nepal
16 Gajendra Shah Nepal
17 Harigen Yadav Nepal
18 Heena Thakur Nepal
19 Jeetendra Prasad Gupta Nepal
20 Jeetendra Yadav Nepal
21 Kamal Kishor Yadav Nepal
22 Krishma Pradhananga Nepal
23 Krishna Adhikari Nepal
24 Krishna Khand Nepal
25 Kusheshwar Mandal Nepal
26 Lok bahadur Kathayat Nepal
27 Madan Giri Nepal
28 Manish Goit Nepal
29 Manisha Thakur Nepal
30 Manita Raut Nepal
31 Manoj Kumar Shah Nepal
32 Manoj Kumar Singh Nepal
33 Md. Shaheed Ansari Nepal
34 Md. Waseem Raja Ansari Nepal
35 Murli Manohar Gupta Nepal
36 Nabin Bohara Cheetri Nepal
37 Netra Prasad Banjade Nepal
38 Nirmala Chaudhary Nepal
39 Omija Shrestha Nepal
40 Prakash Bogati Nepal
41 Pratima Ghimire Nepal
42 Punita Kumari Yadav Nepal
43 Rahul Dangaura Nepal
44 Rajabul Rain MD Nepal
45 Rakesh Shrestha Nepal
46 Rakesh Kumar Yadav Nepal
47 Ram Bahadur Bista Nepal
48 Ratna Jung Shah Nepal
49 Sandhya Shrestha Nepal
50 Sangita Kumari Shah Nepal
51 Sanjay Kumar Paswan Nepal
52 Santosh Kumar Yadav Nepal
53 Santosh Kumar Sah Nepal
54 Saurav Lal Joshi Nepal
55 Shailika Shrestha Nepal
56 Shlesha Acharya Nepal
57 Shovhit Raj Gurung Nepal
58 Shree Ram Sharma Nepal
59 Sudama Rajbanshi Nepal
60 Suman Kumar Jaiswal Nepal
61 Sunil Gurung Nepal
62 Sunil Kumar Yadav Nepal
63 Sushil Tamang Nepal
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Adesh Bahadur Thapa Kaski Nepal
2 Anish Kumar Jha Siraha Nepal
3 Anita Mandal Chitwan Nepal
4 Ashish Adhikari Mahottari Nepal
5 Bibhuti Sharma Chitwan Nepal
6 Binju Shah Nuwakot Nepal
7 Bishal Khatri Kaski Nepal
8 Bishes Bhitrakoti Mahottari Nepal
9 Dol Prasad Neupane Bhaktapur Nepal
10 Hari Ram Thakur Sonar Jhapa Nepal
11 Kriti Rauniyar Mahottari Nepal
12 Kshitiz Tiwari Siraha Nepal
13 Kumar Pran Shah Lalitpur Nepal
14 Pramod Kumar Mandal Rupandehi Nepal
15 Priti Bhattari Nepal
16 Resham Gautam Nepal
17 Rishi Kumar Mandal Nepal
18 Roseneem Shrestha Nepal
19 Sanjay Kumar Yadav Nepal
20 Sarala Pokharel Nepal
21 Saraswati Pandey Nepal
22 Shambhu Prasad Yadav Nepal
23 Shashi Ranjan Nepal
24 Shreya Shrestha Nepal
25 Sitesh Kumar Chaudhary Nepal
26 Sneha Shrestha Nepal
27 Sujan Shrestha Nepal
28 Usha Shah Nepal
29 Utsav Poudel Nepal
30 Mamun Sarker Bangladesh
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Abhinandan Gupta Banke Nepal
2 Anoop Chaudhary Banke Nepal
3 Ashmita Rai Khotang Nepal
4 Aalekh Raj Dahal Udaypur Nepal
5 Akesh Pradhan Chitwan Nepal
6 Birendra Raut Sarlahi Nepal
7 Chahana Shrestha Baglung Nepal
8 Chandan Chauhan Nepal
9 Deepak Pandey Nepal
10 Dhaka Kumar Shrestha Kaski Nepal
11 Dumber Mani Bimali Jhapa Nepal
12 Dil Momin Thapa Kathmandu Nepal
13 Hari Bahadur Katuwal Nepal
14 Jagannath Yadav Rupandehi Nepal
15 Khemraj Adhikari Siraha Nepal
16 Kumar Roshan Jha Rautahat Nepal
17 Monalisa Sangroula Lalitpur Nepal
18 Manju B C Surkhet Nepal
19 Naresh Yadav Saptari Nepal
20 Nirmal Basaula Lamjung Nepal
21 Poonam Kumari Yadav Parsa Nepal
22 Prakash Banjade Arghakhanchi Nepal
23 Rockey Prajapati Bhaktapur Nepal
24 Ranjit Kumar Das Siraha Nepal
25 Rajan Puri Parsa Nepal
26 Ram Chandra KC Kavre Nepal
27 Ram Kala KC Kavre Nepal
28 Rabindra Prasad Yadav Siraha Nepal
29 Salman Shekh Banke Nepal
30 Sulaxyana Shrestha Sunsari Nepal
31 Sahisnu Shrestha Kavre Nepal
32 Sunil Kumar Chauhan Parsa Nepal
33 Sitesh Yadav Nepal
34 Sumit Kumar Mishra Nepal
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Nisha Mohan Das Trivandrum, Kerala India
2 Ashish Bikram Shahi Butwal Nepal
3 Ashish Neupane Nepalgunj Nepal
4 Anu Dahal Mahottari Nepal
5 Avinas Rai Dharan Nepal
6 Bipindra Khaniya Lamjung Nepal
7 Dristi Paudel Bhairahawa Nepal
8 Gauri Mukhiya Mahottari Nepal
9 Hare Ram Majhi Morang Nepal
10 Hem Kumari Rai Dharan Nepal
11 Jaya Shrivastava Nepalgunj Nepal
12 Mridulata Bohara Kathmandu Nepal
13 Mitra Prasad Bhattarai Morang Nepal
14 Nikesh Mani Shrestha Kathmandu Nepal
15 Puspa Raj Khaniya Chitwan Nepal
16 Pradita Shrestha Nepalgunj Nepal
17 Prabin Chandra Ghimire Jhapa Nepal
18 Preshi Pant Surkhet Nepal
19 Prem Prakash Poudel Arghakhanchi Nepal
20 Ranju Thapa Salyan Nepal
21 Randhir Yadav Bhairahawa Nepal
22 Rajib Neupane Bhairahawa Nepal
23 Rakesh Kumar Yadav Siraha Nepal
24 Shova Maharjan Kathmandu Nepal
25 Sandeep Shakya Palpa Nepal
26 Saroj Kumar Yadav Siraha Nepal
27 Sanjay Kumar Yadav Siraha Nepal
28 Saroj Kumar Yadav Dhanusha Nepal
29 Sudhir Kumar Sah Mahottari Nepal
30 Sanjeev Mandal Siraha Nepal
31 Saroj Giri Chitwan Nepal
32 Sanjay Kumar Verma Nepalgunj Nepal
33 Suman Pant Sarlahi Nepal
34 Subash Paudeal Pyuthan Nepal
35 Top Bahadur G.C. Pyuthan Nepal
36 Yubaraj Poudel Bardiya Nepal
37 Balram Kumar Yadav Nepal
38 Mazhar Hussain Khan Nepal

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Rishu Kumari Muzaffarpur, Bihar India
2 Shakti Singh Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
3 Ameer Afzal Khan Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
4 Jagrati Mishra Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
5 Nomaan Akram Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
6 Faisal Rampu, Uttar Pradesh India
7 Mohammad Suaib Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
8 Md Sakib Ahamed South 24 Parganas, West Bengal India
9 Mehruddin Ali Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh India
10 Anjali Venu Rejitha Kollam, Kerala India
11 Shreyas Suny Sudhan Kollam, Kerala India
12 Surya Lekshmi Kollam, Kerala India
13 Akshay Jacob john Kollam, Kerala India
14 Parvathy Unni Lekha Sankar Poruvazhy, Kerala India
15 Sheeba Anjum Shrawasti, Uttar Pradesh India
16 Hassan Ali Shrawasti, Uttar Pradesh India
17 Mridul Srivastava Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
18 Abhijith Omanakuttan Pillai Kollam, Kerala India
19 Kowsalya Chinnarasu Karur, Karnataka India
20 Maahi Dixit Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
21 Faisal Ahmad Bhat Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir India
22 Abdul Barrie Malik Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir India
23 Saqib Assad Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir India
24 Pallavi Pandey Faridabad, Haryana India
25 Arijit Das Kolkata, West Bengal India
26 Grishma Gabriel Kollam, Kerala India
27 Sayantan Sen Kolkata, West Bengal India
28 Saurabh Gupta Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
29 Mohammad Danish Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
30 Ashmita Chatterjee Kolkata, West Bengal India
31 Sharish Jahan Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
32 Yasmin Fatima Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
33 Varna Roy Kollam, Kerala India
34 Nanda Sajeev Kollam, Kerala India
35 Anandu Maniyan Trivandrum, Kerala India
36 Pankaj Kushwaha Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh India
37 Vivek Kumar Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
38 Soumita Naga Burdwan, West Bengal India
39 Harikrishnan Venu Kollam, Kerala India
40 Vishal Singh Amethi, Uttar Pradesh India
41 Ahana Roy Kolkata, West Bengal India
42 Aaradhna Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
43 Swayam Srusty Routray Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
44 Samrath Das Dhubri, Assam India
45 Samaun Hossain Murshidabad, West Bengal India
46 Shahana Shajahan Kollam, Kerala India
47 Krishnapriya Madathingal Santhosh Thrissur, Kerala India
48 Farheen Azim Hooghly, West Bengal India
49 Vanshita Mishra Siatapur, Uttar Pradesh India
50 Abhinand Dharmaseelan Ayur, Kerala India
51 Nidhin Sanjai Trivandrum, Kerala India
52 Parvathy Rajendra Kurup Kollam, Kerala India
53 Barani Gnanasekaran Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
54 Betsy Saji Alappuzha, Kerala India
55 Fathima Sherna Mohammed Abdul Khadar Kollam, Kerala India
56 Rajavardhan Kommana Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh India
57 Shilpa Santhi Laiju Alappuzha, Kerala India
58 Hima Ratnamma Anand Kollam, Kerala India
59 Sudipti Garai Hooghly, West Bengal India
60 Soumya Suprabha Mohan Kollam, Kerala India
61 Nazreen Bano Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
62 Swarnava Mukherjee Berhampore, West Bengal India
63 Pragati Singh Ambedkarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
64 Sisilica Marwein Nongstoin, Meghalaya India
65 Sakshi Chauhan Thakurdwara, Uttar Pradesh India
66 Mary Ann France Kollam, Kerala India
67 Abdul Azeem Delhi, Delhi India
68 Shilpa Kumari Saran, Bihar India
69 Ritik Malhotra Faridabad, Haryana India
70 Ganga Bindu Nair Trivandrum, Kerala India
71 Mohith Mohan Delhi, Delhi India
72 Amal Fidha Kollam, Kerala India
73 Chackochan Thomas Keerampanal Thomas Calicut, Kerala India
74 Gokul Bahuleyan Nair Kollam, Kerala India
75 Anjali Chandrabose Kollam, Kerala India
76 Gayathri Gopi Kollam, Kerala India
77 Naif Abdul Majeed Alappuzha, Kerala India
78 Naureen Kottakkattu Noushad Kollam, Kerala India
79 Muhammad Rizvan Kollam, Kerala India
80 Sneha Lekshmi Kollam, Kerala India
81 Suryanarayanan Dinesh Sangeetha Trivandrum, Kerala India
82 Adwaith Chandrabose Kollam, Kerala India
83 Uzra Rashid Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir India
84 Toyeba Muzaffar Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir India
85 Shafia Khurshid Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir India
86 Monisa Showkat Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir India
87 Junied Mehraj Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir India
88 Irtiza Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir India
89 Aamir Akram Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir India
90 Azim Masood Lone Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir India
91 Ikhlas Yousuf Ganie Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir India
92 Ishita Chatterjee Murshidabad, West Bengal India
93 Pradhan Paka Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh India
94 Afroja Parvin Kolkata, West Bengal India
95 Swapnita Das Baripada, Odisha India
96 Piyush Bhunjiya Delhi, New Delhi India
97 Prabad Pratim Datta Asansol, West Bengal India
98 Manisa Barik Kendrapara, Odisha India
99 Abhi Mini Suresh Kollam, Kerala India
100 Adrija Das Naihati, West Bengal India
101 Baitalik Mitra Kolkata, West Bengal India
102 Devadathan Omanakuttan Kollam, Kerala India
103 Shahan Layek Bardhaman, West Bengal India
104 Timila Joshi Nepal
105 Sunima Karmacharya Nepal
106 Pappu Prasad Yadav Nepal
107 Awadhkishor Thakur Lohar Nepal
108 Sanjaya Parajuli Nepal
109 Ashish B K Nepal
110 Deepak B K Nepal
111 Bibek Chaudhary Nepal
112 Sujit Kumar Sah Sonar Nepal
113 Amit Kushwaha Nepal
114 Akash Mandal Nepal
115 Pradhuman Chaudhary Nepal
116 Top Bahadur Aryal Nepal
117 Ahraz Ali Pakistan
118 Osama Omer Pakistan
119 Sundas Anwar Pakistan
120 Abeeha Gul Pakistan
121 Mayeda Khalid Pakistan
122 Tehreem Zainab Pakistan
123 Sara Frayal Pakistan
124 Aizah Usman Pakistan
125 Rubab Shahid Pakistan
126 Ali Hussain Pakistan
127 Nimra Zafar Pakistan
128 Iqra Fatima Pakistan
129 Aqsa Arshad Pakistan
130 Ayesha Sammar Pakistan

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Mohammad Samim Aktar Molla Gp- Mayahauri, West Bengal India
2 Nauman Saifi Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
3 Aman Bano Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh India
4 Aswin Saji Trivandrum, Kerala India
5 Akshay Mohan Kamukumpallil Pathanamthitta, Kerala India
6 Jai Praksah Saran, Bihar India
7 Rajesh Behera Cuttack, Odisha India
8 Amal Mecheril Chandran Idukki, Kerala India
9 Manali Sharma Jalore, Rajasthan India
10 Payal Sharma Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir India
11 Pankit Sharma Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir India
12 Shon Kallungal Shibu Kochi, Kerala India
13 Saman Bano HArdoi, Uttar Pradesh India
14 Avanish Yadav Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
15 Shravan Kumar Yadav Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
16 Aditya Srivastav Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
17 Sristi Maurya Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
18 Roshly Roy Chengannur, Kerala India
19 Mohammad Raza Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
20 Abhishek Kumar Prajapati Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
21 Afreen Thilfer Abdulla Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
22 Abinesh Shanmugam Karur, Tamil Nadu India
23 Divakar Ezhumalai Karur, Tamil Nadu India
24 Rummana Jaman Dankuni, West Bengal India
25 Hasanur Zaman Haroa, West Bengal India
26 Arkadyuti Hazra Rajarhat Gopalpur, West Bengal India
27 Sindhu Anbarasu Vellore, Tamil Nadu India
28 Areej Fatima Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
29 Rida Sohail Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
30 Maida Naseem Pakistan, Pakistan Pakistan
31 Qasim Ali Pakistan, Pakistan Pakistan
32 Muhammad Nuraiz Khan Faisalabad, Faisalabad Pakistan
33 Muhammad Haroon Yousaf Sahiwal, Sahiwal Pakistan
34 Asma Zainab Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi Pakistan
35 Khizer Muhammad Sajid Faisalabad, Faisalabad Canadian/Canadienne
61 LIAQAT ASMA Pakistan
62 MARIA JAVED Pakistan
64 JAVERIA Pakistan

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Parvathi Babu Kollam, Kerala India
2 Yachana Gupta Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
3 Hari Krishnan Manoj Salila Kottarakara, Kerala India
4 Ajini Philip Kollam, Kerala India
5 Akhil Radhakrishnan Kollam, Kerala India
6 Jithu Rajendran Trivandrum, Kerala India
7 Anjali Sivakala Patharam, Kerala India
8 Shebin Thomas Vargees Kayamkulam, Kerala India
9 Saniya Biju Kayamkulam, Kerala India
10 Sachin Saji Varghese Alappuzha, Kerala India
11 Maham Jabeen Pakistan
12 Sara Adrees Pakistan
13 Muhammad Ahsan Pakistan
14 Mouqeet Ur Rahman Pakistan
15  Muhammad Shaban Afzal Pakistan
16 Sadia Pakistan
17 Misbah Husnain Pakistan
18 Tayyaba Zahoor Pakistan
19 Haider Ali Bajwa Pakistan
20  Ghazanfar Mukhtar Pakistan
21 Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman Pakistan
22 Ihsan Ali Pakistan
23 Jannat Irfan Pakistan
24 Ayyaz Waleed Pakistan
25 Muhammad Tanveer Pakistan
26 Sajjad Hussain Pakistan
27 Yasir Ijaz Pakistan
28 Hafiz Humammad Naqash Pakistan
29 Shafiq Ur Rehman Farooq Pakistan
30 Muhammad Nabeel Arshad Pakistan
31 Shanza Akram Pakistan
32 Hafiz Sami Ullah Sajid Pakistan
33 Syeda Shameer Pakistan
34 Bebeto Santra Howrah, West Bengal India
35 Sunil Kumar Maurya Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh India
36 Venkatramana Manoharan Namakkal, Tamil Nadu India
37 Santhosh Mohan Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
38 Preeti Rani Dhanbad, Jharkhand India
39 Alidai Shah Hasan South 24 PGS, West Bengal India
40 Rasongsli Pohshna Shillong, Meghalaya India
41 Arul kumaran Kalaivanan Nagapattinam (Dt), Tamil Nadu India
42 Harikarapandian Selvaraj Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
43 Meena Sandhanam Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
44 Tony Rajkumar Kanagasabai Ariyalur (Dt), Tamil Nadu India
45 Vikram Balasubramanian Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
46 Jahina Michealraj Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
47 Ananthan Pandurangan Karur (Dt), Tamil Nadu India
48 Ankana das Mechenda, West Bengal India
49 Mathan Bhuvaneswari Tamizhselvan Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
50 Rajasundar Shanmugasundaram Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
51 Sourav Maity Dist- Purba Medinipur, West Bengal India
52 Bikram Mondal Haroa, West Bengal India
53 Srinath Panda Brehampur, Odisha India
54 Aparna Pandey Champa, Chhattisgarh India
55 Atul Kumar Pathak Dist-Baharich, Uttar Pradesh India
56 Mrinmayee Sarker Rishra, West Bengal India
57 Tithi Bhattacharyya Howrah, West Bengal India
58 Ruplekha Biswas Chakdaha, West Bengal India
59 SK Rejuan Rashid North 24 PGS, West Bengal India
60 Suman Santra Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal India
61 Suraj Patel Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
62 Animesh Kundu Nadia, West Bengal India
63 Pritam Sil Kolkata, West Bengal India
64 Lalmuankimi Aizawl, Mizoram India
65 Anindya Kumar Biswas Barasat, West Bengal India
66 Jafar Bilal Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India
67 Mohd Kaif Bijmor, Uttar Pradesh India
68 Sadaf Noor Delhi, Delhi India
69 Shan Ahmad Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
70 Sriram Pandian Arumugam Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
71 Keerthivasan Raja Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
72 Debalina Dey Agartala, Tripura India
73 Saikat Sana Kolkata, West Bengal India
74 Neha Yadav Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
75 Pratibha Sharma Sant kabir nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
76 Vasundhara Srivastava Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh India
77 Masudur Sepay South 24 Parganas, West Bengal India
78 Swarnima Verma Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
79 Shubhangi Podder Bongaon, West Bengal India
80 Mayank Mayur Dhanbad, Jharkhand India
81 Lipsa Bakshi Koraput, Odisha India
82 Dineshwaran Annamalai Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
83 Shweta Yadav Mau, Uttar Pradesh India
84 Pratishtha Shukla Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh India
85 Nitish Rai Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
86 Pradeep Kumar Chaurasiya Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
87 Shushanta Patel Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
88 Arshlan Ahmad Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
89 Rahul Sha Hooghly, West Bengal India
90 Nashra Noushin Darbhanga, Bihar India
91 Sahil Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh India
92 Mohammad Junaid Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand India
93 Hisham Ali Ansari Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
94 Mohd Shadab Rampur, Uttar Pradesh India
95 Shubham Chaudhary Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
96 Dravendra Kumar Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
97 Altaf Husain Baharaich, Uttar Pradesh India
98 Umesh Mishra Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
99 Zuned Jamal Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
100 Aman Verma Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
101 Ankita Chaturvedi Ballia, Uttar Pradesh India
102 Mohammad Bilal Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
103 Mohd Adnan Tyagi Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
104 Jamal Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
105 Nidhi Pathak Gonda, Uttar Pradesh India
106 Kumar Gandharva Mishra Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh India
107 Sandeep Maurya Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
108 Debasmit Dasgupta Panskura, West Bengal India
109 Prashant Kumar Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
110 Ankit Kumar Singh Mau, Uttar Pradesh India
111 Simran Jaiswal Vaishali, Bihar India
112 Ravi Yadav Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
113 Archana Yadav Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
114 Reshma Nargis Bhagalpur, Bihar India
115 Abhijeet Tripathi Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
116 Shabi Choudhary Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
117 Mohammad Sarfaraz Burdwan, West Bengal India
118 Fazlur Rahman Idrisi Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
119 Mohd Rhaman Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Abhishek Pradhan Angul, Odisha India
2 Pooranasundari Sundarabalan Virudhunagar(DT), Tamil Nadu India
3 Vignesh Ramakrishnan Cuddalore (DT), Tamil Nadu India
4 Naveen Ravi Bangalore, Karnataka India
5 Anuj Awasthi Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh India
6 Satabdi Sachirika Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
7 Swarna Prabha Padhy Ganjam, Odisha India
8 Grace Daniel Punjab, Punjab India
9 Lavanya Vaithilingam Pudukkottai (Dt), Tamil Nadu India
10 Lebanstar Nongspung Shillong, Meghalaya India
11 Ejingmut Rymbai Jowai, Meghalaya India
12 Soborlang Puden Jowai, Meghalaya India
13 Sivakumar Vedalingam Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
14 Mohit Tiwari Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh India
15 Ipsita Priyadarsani Ganjam, Odisha India
16 Saurabh Kumar Maurya Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
17 Manish Kumar Yadav Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
18 Gayathri Muniyandi Kannan Pudukkottai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
19 Jayasri Subramanian Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
20 Mizanur Rahaman Birbhum, West Bengal India
21 Mohammad Shahid Raza Bokaro, Jharkhand India
22 Iman Mahapatra Howrah, West Bengal India
23 Jitendra Kumar Biswal Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
24 Abhinav Pandey Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh India
25 Aimen Farah Berhampore, West Bengal India
26 Akash Verma Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
27 Krishnakant Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
28 Ruqaiya Swaleha Kolkata, West Bengal India
29 Zia Ur Rahman Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
30 Md Mehedy Hasan Bogra, Dhaka Bangladesh
31 Prakash Kumar Sahu Rourkela, Odisha India
32 Papri Mondal Basirhat, West Bengal India
33 Nishana Manayil abdul Kalam Aluva, Kerala India
34 Trishanu Lodh Sonamura, Tripura India
35 Mihir Raula Berhampur, Odisha India
36 Abdul Eddries Shaik Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
37 Shefta Shireen Kolkata, West Bengal India
38 Sourajit Saha North 24 Parganas, West Bengal India
39 Shivam Kumar Gupta Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh India
40 Ankit Singh Yadav Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
41 Subhra Murmu Kolkata, West Bengal India
42 Saurima Sankar Sen Kolkata, West Bengal India
43 Areeb Ahmad Abbasi Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
44 Abhishek Kumar Singh Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
45 Lekshmi Priya Ajayakumar Kollam, Kerala India
46 Rahul Pathak Azamgarm, Uttar Pradesh India
47 Bishal Prasad Serampore, West Bengal India
48 Thrinadh Bhemagunta Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
49 Wasim Raj SK Kolkata, West Bengal India
50 Bidhan Mandal Dist: Purba Mednapur, West Bengal India
51 Aunti Hasan Sirajganj, Dhaka Bangladesh
52 Tanbir Alam Mondal Hooghly, West Bengal India
53 Md Azizul Islam Comilla, Dhaka Bangladesh
54 Sajid Sajjad Biswas Nadia, West Bengal India
55 Naichwaoo Dawanoo Laloo Shillong, Meghalaya India
56 Md Farhad Hossain  Narayanganj, Dhaka Bangladesh
57 Abdullah Al Sohan Feni, Dhaka Bangladesh
58 Rahman Mahfujur Noakhali, Dhaka Bangladesh
59 Shagufta Khanam Kolkata, West Bengal India
60 Farzana Tabassum Trisha Feni, Dhaka Bangladesh
61 Mahendrasinh Bhavarsinh Chavda Tharad, Gujarat India
62 Rishabh Sharma Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh India
63 Nidapyntngen Lyngdoh Shillong, Meghalaya India
68 KAJOL SAH Nepal
81 MUNAL DEV Nepal
89 AMNA TARIQ Pakistan
96 Driptanil Das India
97 Aasish Danny Mintu Kollabathula Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh India
98 Anmol Pal Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
99 Mohd Rayyan Madhukarpur, Uttar Pradesh India
100 Shubham Tripathi Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
101 Sukin Kumar  Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
102 Tushar Gaur Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
103 Vignesh Sivakumar Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
104 Vipin Sharma Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
107 RAJ GUPTA Nepal
109 Shehray Aalam Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Akansha Yadav Rewari, Haryana India
2 Aniruddha Ghosh Howrah, West Bengal India
3 Appavu Narayanan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
4 Aritra Biswas Baruipur, West Bengal India
5 Arkadip Adhikari Agartala, Tripura India
6 Arun Prasath Matheswaran Namakkal, Tamil Nadu India
7 Ashish Kumar Chauhan Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
8 Bhashkar Pachouli Champawat, Uttarakhand India
9 Bhuvaneshwari Radhakrishnan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
10 Chayanika Kumar Guwahati, Assam India
11 Dasharathsinh Pirajih Goletar Dist. Banaskantha, Gujarat India
12 Debanjan Sen Kolkata, West Bengal India
13 Durgesh Kumar Singh Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh India
14 Faiz Ahmad Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
15 Syed Farhan Kolkata, West Bengal India
16 Jubin Adhikari Kalyani, West Bengal India
17 Junaid Akram Rampur, Uttar Pradesh India
18 Kuberan Kannaiah Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
19 Kumar Sonu Patna, Bihar India
20 Mayank Singh Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh India
21 Mayur Ahmad Khan Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttarakhand India
22 Mohammad Adeeb Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
23 Mohammad Adnan Haroon Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh India
24 Mohammed Nadeem Siddharth Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
25 Mohd Asif Ansari Deoria, Uttar Pradesh India
26 Mohd Rashid Anwar Deoria, Uttar Pradesh India
27 Mrithyunjayan Venkatachalapathy Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
28 Mrutyunjay Bai Indore, Madhya Pradesh India
29 Mubeshera Haque Kolkata, West Bengal India
30 Nagendra Yadav Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh India
31 Narsihbhai Ganeshbhai Chaudhary Tharad, Gujarat India
32 Navarag Dutt Basapolla Narayanpet, Telangana India
33 Neeraj Kumar Verma  Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh India
34 Nishtha Kataria Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh India
35 Nure Azam Biswas Murshidabad, West Bengal India
36 Pallavi Rai Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
37 Prabhu Srinivas Dhanasekaran Salem, Tamil Nadu India
38 Prafull Kumar Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh India
39 Pragyat Agarwal Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
40 Prasanth Jothibasu Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
41 Rahul Kumar Yadav Deoria, Uttar Pradesh India
42 Ramanuj Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
43 Ravi Kumar Awasthi Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh India
44 Renganathan Srinivasan Karur, Tamil Nadu India
45 Reshab Kumar Biswal Rourkele, Odisha India
46 Roshell Gonsalves Mumbai, Maharashtra India
47 Saazia Haque Kolkata, West Bengal India
48 Sadiq Iqbal Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh India
49 Sahil Delhi, Delhi India
50 Said Ahmad Shrawasti, Uttar Pradesh India
51 Samsuddin Dist-Siddharth Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
52 Saniyasnain Farooqui Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
53 Selvamani Alagarsamy Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu India
54 Shahin Jamil Bettiah, Bihar India
55 Shanmuga Priyan Balasubramanian Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
56 Shashank Yadav Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
57 Shifali Thakur Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
58 Shivam Shivajee Singh Valsad, Gujarat India
59 Shubhan Ali Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
60 Shyam Pandey Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh India
61 Shivani Singh Ballia, Uttar Pradesh India
62 Siva Muthaliappan Pudukkottai (Dt), Tamil Nadu India
63 Sopiya Mandal  West Bengal India
64 Soumen Maji South 24 Paragnas, West Bengal India
65 Sozab Malik Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh India
66 Sukanta Banerjee Howrah, West Bengal India
67 Suman Mondal Berhampore, West Bengal India
68 Sunil Singh Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
69 Surya Ramasamy Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
70 Sutirtha Ghosh Siliguri, West Bengal India
71 Vanrajbhai Manabhai Vaghela Tharad, Gujarat India
72 Vignesh Soundararajan Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu India
73 Vivek Kumar Singh Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
74 Arafatennesa Bangladesh
75 Ahtisham Ashiq Pakistan
76 Siddique Akbar Muhammad Pakistan
77 Aftab Khalil Pakistan
78 Muhammad Arslan Siddique Pakistan
79 Zobia Saif Pakistan
80 Nabin Kumar Saraph Nepal
81 Lalmun Pravin Nepal
82 Amit Kumar Chaudhary Nepal
83 Binam Subedi Nepal
84 Ram Kishor Yadav Nepal
85 Gyanendra Raut Nepal
86 Bishnu Kumari Yadav Nepal
87 Lokendra Ray Yadav Nepal
88 Ashok Kumar Jaiswal Nepal
89 Prabin Kumar Yadav Nepal
90 Sajay Kumar Yadav Nepal
91 Manish Kumar Larh Nepal
92 Kajal Purbey Nepal
93 Kriti Yadav Nepal
94 Sameer Thapa Magar Nepal
95 Tejendra Pandey Nepal
96 Khushbu Chaudhary Nepal
97 Jeevan Rana Nepal
98 Man Singh Chaudhary Nepal
99 Nigesh Shrestha Nayajli Nepal
100 Bajrangi Shah Nepal
101 Mukesh Yadav Nepal
102 Priyanka Shrestha Nepal
103 Yamini Pant Nepal
104 Niva Kumari Yadav Nepal
105 Robin Yadav Nepal
106 Pitambar Yadav Nepal
107 Sangit Kumar Kai Nepal
108 Sanjog Chaudhary Nepal
109 Raju Ahmad Bangladesh
110 Md Kahar Siddiq Bangladesh
111 Nazmul Khan Hira Bangladesh
112 Mohammed Sadiqur Rahman Bangladesh
113 Mohammad Inna Badsha Sadid Bangladesh
114 Mehedi Hasan Khan Rumi Bangladesh
115 Sabara Sultana Bangladesh
116 Zinia Zahan Pushpa Bangladesh
117 Aravinth Kumar Viswanathan  Tamil Nadu India
118 Bharath Veeramalai Palusamy Lingapandi  Tamil Nadu India
119 Preetham Uma  Andhra Pradesh India
120 Vinitha Gunasekaran  Tamil Nadu India
121 Umesh Kumar India
122 Taufiq Ahmad India
123 Sharukh Ahmad India
124 Ved Vyas India

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Deepak Kumar Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh India
2 Priyam Shukla Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
3 Sanjeev Kumar Lakhinpurkheri, Uttar Pradesh India
4 Manoj Kumar Vashisth Delhi, Delhi India
5 Avesh Ahmad Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
6 Amit Ravi Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh India
7 Prantik Saha Kolkata, West Bengal India
8 Rohit Kumar Singh Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
9 Shobhit Kumar Singh Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
10 Mohammad Tariq Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh India
11 Shahrukh Sadaqat Budaun, Uttar Pradesh India
12 Anita Poduthas Ernakulam, Kerala India
13 Azeeza Kuda korige Ernakulam, Kerala India
14 Naveen Thankachan Adimali, Kerala India
15 Ricky Pattnaik Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
16 Shanmathi Mahendran Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
17 Deepak Anbazhagan Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
18 Prakash Kannan Dharmapiri, Tamil Nadu India
19 Puratchikavi Selvaraj Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
20 Anantharaj Karunakaran Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
21 Dhruv Samir Sheth GandhiNagar, Gujarat India
22 Shriya Shripad Ambhaikar Raipur, Chhattisgarh India
23 Srijan Saraf Champa, Chhattisgarh India
24 Bhuvaneshwari Pandurangan Karur, Tamil Nadu India
25 Kothuru Venkatesh Naveen Kumar Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh India
26 Murshed Mobarak Birbhum, West Bengal India
27 Keerthana Unnikrishnan Perumbavoor, Kerala India
28 Vivek Mathai Idukki, Kerala India
29 Sabyasachi Pal  West Bengal India
30 Rajakumaran Gurunathan Kasthuri Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
31 Alifa Chad Shondhi Manikganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
32 Shabbeer Ahmed Shibly Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
33 Ferdous Alam Khan Chowdhury Mymensingh, Bangladesh Bangladesh
34 Ramya Mohanan Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu India
35 Rishabh Bajpai Durg, Chhattisgarh India
36 Razia Sultana Satkhira, Bangladesh Bangladesh
37 Tony Pramanik Kolkata, West Bengal India
38 Sohel Tajdar Kolkata, West Bengal India
39 Chaithanya Kumar Gowd Gundrathi Anantapur, Andhra pradesh India
40 Sabit Hossain Jessore, Bangladesh Bangladesh
41 Fatema Tuz Zohora Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
42 Mohsina Ferdaushi Ema Khulna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
43 Subhamraj Tripathy Ganjam, Odisha India
44 Sabiha Sadique MaharajGanj, Uttar Pradesh India
45 Benazeer Sarwar MaharajGanj, Uttar Pradesh India
46 Sabrina Noor Keya Narayanganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
47 Prashant Rana Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh India
48 Praveen Baiswar Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh India
49 Sudhanshu Verma Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh India
50 Aishwarya premkumar Sanganeria Ghodbunder Road Thane, Maharashtra India
51 Keerthana Rani Padippurayil Thara Kollam, Kerala India
52 Gopika Chandrika Kollam, Kerala India
53 Aparnababu Babukuttan Trivandrum, Kerala India
54 Kannan Babu Kollam, Kerala India
55 Chitra Sunil Nair Mavelikara, Kerala India
56 Hayat Ahmad Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh India
57 Yogesh chandra Yadav Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
58 Abdul Ali Palakkal Wandoor, Kerala India
62 MD AKHTAR ALAM  Nepal Nepal
63 Ira Shrestha  Nepal Nepal
64 Sadiya Parveen Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh India
65 Sandeepan Saha Kolkata, West Bengal India
66 Aneeq Ahmed Bhatti  Pakistan
67 Nilanjana Ghosh India

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Debashis Debnath Agartala, Tripura India
2 Annas Massod Khan Dist., Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh India
3 Radhe Shyam Das Medinipur, West Bengal India
4 Yadvendr Chaturvedi Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
5 Mohd Asif Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
6 Sarath Santhosh Kumar Kollam, Kerala India
7 Writwik Paul Midnapore, West Bengal India
8 Dilnawaz Rana Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
9 Baburaj Kanassery Thomas Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala India
10 Maha Kadukkam Kunnath Palakkad, Kerala India
11 Neethu Samban Kundara, Kerala India
12 Athira Babusuresh Menon Thrissur, Kerala India
13 Jeneeta John Kollam, Kerala India
14 Darshan Dathu Sangli, Maharashtra India
15 Birlaprabu Namakodi Madurai, Tamil Nadu India
16 Dharamveer Yadav Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
17 Dibankar Kumar Chaki Dist:Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal India
18 Arun Prasath Manavalan Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu India
19 Jansi Rani Lenin Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
20 Keshav Kumar Dewangan Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh India
21 Maria Meklyn Kochi, Kerala India
22 Athul Retnakaran Kollam, Kerala India
23 Greeshma Bindhu Jayan Trivandrum, Kerala India
24 Vandana Jeneneve Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
25 Anjana Nair Trivandrum, Kerala India
26 Ritesh Kumar Mishra Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
27 Abhinandan Saha Dinhata, West Bengal India
28 Vinoth Annamalai Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
29 Supratim Ghosh  West Bengal India
30 Zarrin Tasneem Shaikh Kolkata, West Bengal India
31 Anshudhar Mishra Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh India
32 Sakshi Deepak Yadav Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
33 Hare Ram Yadav Deoria, Uttar Pradesh India
34 Sayantan Ghosh Dist-Howrah, West Bengal India
35 Md Irfan Kolkata, West Bengal India
36 Imran Wally Kolkata, West Bengal India
37 Vignesh Murugan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
38 Raghuvarthan Ravichandran Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
39 Rajapriya Chinnadurai Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
40 Rajat Kumar Das Dist-Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal India
41 Preethi Babu Triruvallur, Tamil Nadu India
42 Jabir Ali Sheikh Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
43 Debmallya Chatterjee Kolkata, West Bengal India
44 Tanmoy Pandey Kolkata, West Bengal India
45 Ankit Sharma Hoshiyarpur, Punjab India
46 Shivam Sharma Hoshiyarpur, Punjab India
47 Ashna Shaji Ernakulam, Kerala India
48 Jeeva Jayachandran Nair Trivandrum, Kerala India
49 Shibin Jamal Malappuram, Kerala India
50 Durga Prasad Vanum Jaipatna, Odisha India
51 Granthana Sinha Kolkata, West Bengal India
52 Ashish Tripathi Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
53 Abhijeet Singh Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
54 Sarafat Ali Dist. Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal India
55 Soumee Das Burdwan, West Bengal India
56 Bhagyesh Rajpal Indrekar Dist.Nadurbar, Maharashtra India
57 Abhinand Rameswaram Madanapalli, Andhra Pradesh India
58 Tuhin Subhra Konar Dist-Bankura, West Bengal India
59 Sona Sinha Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh India
60 Susmitha Elizabeth Sebastian Ernakulam, Kerala India
61 Suman Dolai Dist- Purba Medinipur, West Bengal India
62 Arifa Hossain Dist-South 24 Parganas, West Bengal India
63 Nisha Vinodkumar Mishra Mumbai, Maharashtra India
64 Anamika Haldar Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India
65 Shafim Ahmed Kolkata, West Bengal India
66 Souvik Koley Dist:Hooghly, West Bengal India
67 Muni Sankar Mandyam Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
68 Sowmya Sudhakar Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh India
69 Sankarshan Acharya Vipin Dingari Warangal, Telangana India
70 Hina Kausar Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh India
71 Abdullah Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
72 Mubashir Aazam Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh India
73 Arjun Kumar Saini Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
74 Ehuie Jean Oscar Mathial Diboh Abidjan, Cost Of Ivory West Africa
75 Ummae Farha Dist-Birbhum, West Bengal India
76 Aneesha Yerramsetty Kadapa(Dist), Andhra Pradesh India
77 Tania Sultana Murshidabad, West Bengal India
78 Rubaiya Rahman Dist-24 PGS South, West Bengal India
79 Koteshwara Reddy Chinnareddy Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
80 Ranjith Kumar Jaisankar Pudukkottai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
81 Prabhu Prasad Tripathy Surada, Odisha India
82 Hitesh Singh Sanchore, Rajasthan India
83 Anurag Singh Kushwaha Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
84 Mujahid Hussain Tyagi Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
85 Mohd Zeeshan Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh India
86 SM Israt Mahmud Pabna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
87 Owaliza Yeasmin Liza Bogra, Bangladesh Bangladesh
88 S.M.Shahad Bin Mahmud Khulna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
89 Suraj Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
90 Jyoti Singh Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
91 Sandipkumar Devendra Kumar Tripathi Mumbai, Maharashtra India
92 Murshida Uddin Mithila Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
93 Kausar Alom Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
94 Khadija Akter Patua Khali, Bangladesh Bangladesh
95 Mahia Sultana Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
96 K M Maruf Hassan Zoha Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
97 Ayush Saraf Champa, Chhattisgarh India
98 Susrita Karmakar Asansol, West Bengal India
99 Digvijaysinh Joitabhai Rajput Dist-Banaskantha, Gujarat India
100 Jagannath Perumal Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
101 Abhishek Kumar Singh Kolkata, West Bengal India
102 Abdul Aziz  Bangladesh Bangladesh
103 Helalur Rahman Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
104 S M Hasan Mahmud Sirajganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
105 M D Rabiul Islam Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
106 Saad Ibna Hossain Galipur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
107 Iffat Jahan Rikta Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
108 MD Aminul Islam  Bangladesh Bangladesh
109 Md. Rasheduzzaman Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
110 Akber Shah Pookunju  Kerala India
111 Mounika Kundasi Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
112 Sovit Kumar Gurung Nepal
113 Fool Babu Yadav Nepal
114 Bimal Ghimire Nepal
115 Abhishek Pun Nepal
116 Sujan Niraula Nepal
117 Sujal Adhikari Nepal
118 Arunima Shrivastva Nepal
119 Sandeep Gharti Nepal
120 Sabina Gurung Nepal
121 Qamran  Ansari Nepal
122 Gobinda Bist Nepal
123 Kripa Poudel Nepal
124 Istiyaque Alam Nepal
125 Alok Chandra Jha Nepal
126 Kashindra Prasad Singh Nepal
127 Shivendra Prasad Rajak Nepal
128 Binay Thapa Nepal
129 Farhana Parveen Nepal
130 Akriti Joshi Nepal
131 Nabita Jugjali Nepal
132 Ashish Kumar Chaudhary Nepal
133 Sudesh Chand Chaudhary Nepal
134 Niraj Yadav Nepal
135  Navnit Kumar Jha Nepal
136 Supreme Banjade Nepal
137 Manoj Adhikari Nepal
138 Muna Gurung Nepal
139 Noori Siddique Nepal
140 Urusha Parwin Nepal
141 Zafar Ansari Nepal
142 Sony Gurung Nepal
143 Bikram Kumar Gupta Nepal
144 Manoj Kumar Nirala Nepal
145  Tek Raj Khatri Nepal
146 Parmendra Shah Nepal
147 Baiju Jha Nepal
148 Shankar Sah Nepal
149 Prakash Hamal Nepal
150 Basruddin Ahmed Nepal
151 Subash Ram Shrestha Nepal
152 Barsha Giri Nepal
153 Samikchya Adhikari Nepal
154 Dhiraj Mandal Nepal
155 Mehtab Pravez Nepal
156 Shahrooz Abbas Pakistan
157 Itzaz Ishfaq Pakistan
158 Nayab Pakistan
159 Aqsa Rehmat Pakistan
160 Ayesha Shakeel Pakistan
161 Shaista Shakeel Pakistan
162 Tooba Shahzadi Pakistan
163 Khubaib Hafeez Pakistan
164 Muhammad Mubashar Pakistan
165 Khadija Maqbool Pakistan
166 Hasnain Sadiq Pakistan


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