Queries, Clarifications, Cost Benefit analysis with counselor over -email/ telephone/ letter/ personal contact

Apply for PASSPORT if not already in possession

  Submit Application for Admission

Forward the following to SOLC

Bio-Data form duly filled in with all enclosures [copy of class X & XII marksheet + passport, if available].

Payment details of Rs.50,000/- (INR) to be enclosed

Only on receipt of Rs.50,000/- documents will be processed / issued

  On Receipt of Rs. 50,000/- you will receive

Provisional Selection Letter

College Application Form

Rules & Regulations Form

Fee Structure


Apply for Passport if not applied already

On receipt of passport apply for Police Clearance Certificate

  Forward to SOLC

College Application Form duly filled & signed with all enclosures.

College Application Form duly filled & signed with all enclosures.

Within 21 days of receipt of PSL send complete balance amount for other processes

  On receipt of complete balance amount you will receive

Provisional Admission Order

Visa Application Form

Physical Examination Form

  Forward the following to SOLC

Copy of Passport

Copy of Police Clearance Certificate

  On receipt of passport copy SOLC applies for

JW202 Form

  Forward to SOLC

Original Passport within 21 days of receipt of PAO

Visa Application Form [signed only] with 80% face covered white background photograph.

Physical Examination Form filled by the government doctor with seal and signature along with doctor’s registration no. on the front page photograph and back page with hospital seal along with supporting medical reports [VDRL, Hepatitis B, HIV, Blood Group, Blood Routine, Vision Test, ECG, Chest X Ray, Blood Pressure]

  On receipt of original JW 202 SOLC applies for



Students shall pay 1st year fees [payable to university] enabling for smooth departure

Students shall get ready for departure with amount required for other expenses at China

Departure for College from port of exit along with escort of SOLC