Alumni Speaks

Dr. Shayan Sinha Mahapatra
MBBS ,M.D, ECFMG certified
Research scholar – endocrinology and metabolism, Academic mentor for USMLE guidance

"My five and halfyears in the Medical College Of Nanchang Universityat China were among the best years of my life. My college has been instrumental in nurturing me through the rigorous course of medicine which not only made me successful professionally but also making me a good human being. It was not until I met saraswati that I began the journey towards understanding how my dream of becoming a doctor can be converted to reality. I am thankful each member who have been part of this journey, without your constant support it would not have been possible for today where I am. "

Medical College of Nanchang University, 2006 batch
Dr. Jayakrishnan S
Internship in “Dali bai autonomous prefecture people's hospital”.

"Dali medical university has provided an extremely supportive environment for me during the years of my medical education. I believe their support and commitment to high quality medical education has played an integral role in my development and progress as a doctor. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to study in Dali medical university. I am deeply thankful to for making it possible for me. I was a part of 2011 medical batch. Although going to China seemed a little frightening initially, it was a conscious and a calculated decision for me. Whatever doubts i had were squashed soon after getting to Dali University, helped by the carefree, inviting and fun loving attitude of Chinese along with the assurance from Living in Dali was an amazing experience, with its natural beauty, environment and Chinese foods. The basic science curriculum is designed for students to ace their respective country's medical licensing examination. For me the syllabus design was very helpful that I cracked FMGE / NMC screening test soon after my final year. All the professors are very enthusiastic about their field and are willing to help the students at all times. Dali university has also provided some of the best indian faculties to teach various medical subjects and they were all my personal mentors too. They have motivated and inspired me to strive for my passion and future. I am enjoying my time at Dali university and already I owe a great debt to this college that made this opportunity possible for me. I would strongly encourage students to consider dali university to pursue your carrier in medicine."

Alumni of Dali University, Yunnan, China, Batch 2010
Dr. Manoj Kumar Vashisth

"I never realized that I have completed 4 years in DALI UNIVERSITY, I never was aware that the journey of becoming a medical doctor from a physiotherapist could be this interesting. When I approached SOLC this journey started and I am thankful and pay my sincere thanks to the entire team of SOLC for everything, particularly I would like to mention some names Mrs. PriyaGanguly ma’am, Mr. Puneeth Rao sir, Mr. Maxson D’penha sir and Mr. Himanshu Singh sir for their constant help and guidance DALI UNIVERSITY is among one of the best university for medical education, the teaching faculty and environment is just awesome. Since I joined this university in 2014 I have found every platform for a personnel and professional growth. I have no enough words to express my sincere thanks and respect to DALI UNIVERSITY and SOLC. Thank you so much to the entire team of SOLC for providing me this opportunity to pursue my medical education at DALI UNIVERSITY."

Alumni Of Dali University, 2014 batch 4th year student
Dr.Tamaghna Bhattacharya

"Life has been kind to me in terms of having the best parents, great education and an exciting job. Going to another country to study medicine was a difficult choice but it was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Saraswati Online was a huge influencer in this decision. My friend's sister had already availed their services one year before i did and it was her positive and encouraging feedback that took me to SOL's doorsteps. With their able guidance ididnt take long to decide that i wanted to take the leap. Medical education in China is world class with amazing facilities and teaching staff. It is because of the world class education that i received there along with special NMC focused mock tests and discussions conducted by Saraswati online that i was able to clear myNational Medical Commission registration on my first attempt itself. The best part of SOL is that they do not leave your hand till you get your registration certificate in India. They are there 24*7 for you, helping you in every possible way and making sure that you do not get deviated from your path. Following my registration as a medical practitioner in India, i worked as a resident in the department of general surgery at a government hospital in New Delhi for one year. The world of medicine is exciting and is widespread. For the past four years i have been working in the life sciences division of Tata Consultancy Services as a pharmacovigilance physician, contracted to work for a German Pharma giant. Being a doctor opened up several doors for me including medical research and drug safety and also gave me the chance to get trained in Germany. "

Medical College of Nanchang University, 2006 batch

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Student Speaks

Amal Fidha.png

Amal Fidha

Dali University, P.R. China, 2018 batch.

The Orientation Classes conducted by Saraswati Online.Com helped a lot when we first moved to China. I’m thankful to the entire team for all the help provided all along.


Aimen Farah

Dali University, P.R. China, 2016 batch

Saraswati Online.Com has been a beckon of light for my future. They have been helping since the day of my admission by handholding me in each and every step for my admission procedure.


Dattatreya Mukherjee

Jinan University, P.R. China, 2016 batch

It was a great experience for me and I thank Saraswati Online.Com for all of it. Saraswati Online has helped me a lot regarding studies as well as during my stay in campus.


Reshma Nargis

Dali University, P.R. China,2017 batch

I thank Our Coordinators and officials of Saraswati Online.Com for being available 24X7 to ensure we are not lagging behind in our academics in any situations.

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