Medical Education In Georgia

There are ample numbers of benefits of pursuing medical education in Georgia.This page will give you enough ideas about why you should choose Georgia as a destination for your medical education. That’s because the admission process is simple and medical studies, world-class. Students who have passed the 12th class exam with a minimum of 50% of marks in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, can easily settle for their medical education in Georgia. They also should crack NEET. It is very true that medical admission is an expensive proposition and coming up with the steep fees could be daunting for many.. If you closely look at the fees of medical studies in India, it ranges around Rs. 1 crore, whereas it is much less in Georgia.

This is where medical education in Georgia provides the desired relief. Medical education in Georgia is not only of a high standard but also affordable. To join MBBS universities in Georgia, you don’t need to write any entrance exam in that country apart from NEET in India.

These MBBS universities enjoy global acclaim for their outstanding education system, equipment, and superior infrastructure.


Why a student should choose Medical education in Georgia ?


At present, Georgia is one of the most preferred destinations for students who are looking to pursue MBBS from abroad. This country has its own charm and for many reasons, it is reputed as one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. Certainly, getting admission to any medical college in Georgia will be a blessing for students.

The WHO report has accepted the Medical universities of Georgia as the best clinical colleges. A student needs to qualify NEET to take admission for medical education in Georgia. At the same time, there is no need to pay donations during admission. The World Health Organization (WHO), and WDOMS have approved the MBBS program in Georgia. TOEFL and IELTS are not mandatory and the medium of communication is English. This makes these universities very popular among Indian students for the purpose of medical education in Georgia. Students who record outstanding performance during the MBBS course get scholarships. The total duration of the course is 6 years plus 1 year of internship. Besides, the good climate in Georgia makes it the first choice among Indian students to pursue medical studies in Georgia.

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