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Affiliation Medium of Instruction Eligibility Courses Offered
Approved by WHO and IMED.
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English. Study of Chinese language compulsory in the 1st year which can be extended. Passing of HSK(Chinese) is mandatory. 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Admission will be based on the highest credentials and admissions test (NEET)/interview.
Degree Conferred as: MBBS
Duration : 5 years Studies and 1 year Internship. Internship may be done either in the university or in the home country.
Spacious and comfortable living accommodation on twin sharing basis available. Rooms have Telephone, Bed, Wardrobes and a Hot & Cold Water dispenser. Common canteen is available on campus. Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian food are available in plenty. All varieties of Indian fruits, Juices, milk, yogurt and vegetables. Average temperatures in winter and summer are quite pleasant.
Summer – Max: 36°C, Min: 15°C
Winter – Max: 18°C, Min: 3°C
461 Bayi Ave, Donghu, Nanchang, Jiangxi, P R China, 330006.
Located in Nanchang, the beautiful capital city of Jiangxi Province.
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There are many overseas destinations for higher studies in Asia but not all offers as enriching an experience as those in China do. For students looking to pursue MBBS abroad, particularly in China, the Nanchang University is a top draw. It is a national university and listed at the top in China for studying MBBS in China. The university was established in the year 1921 and has also been recognized as a National Key University of China.

Nanchang University consists of five campuses: Qian-Hu, Qingshan-Hu; Dong-Hu; Poyang-Hu and Fuzhou, spread over an area of more than 534 hectares. The main campus is located at Qian-Hu, Nanchang, covering an area of 300 hectares. It is the campus where all the undergraduate students, a majority of graduate students, most research institutes, labs and the bulk of faculty and staff are based. The other campuses are situated around the Jiangxi Province.

Nanchang University offers international MBBS in China for the students who are looking for studying MBBS abroad at a low cost. The course duration is of 6 years including one-year compulsory internship.

Nanchang University has 13 affiliated hospitals of different ranks and categories, among which there are 6 national top tertiary general hospitals and one top tertiary stemmatological hospital. The University offers more than 82 undergraduate programs out of 12 Chinese academic disciplines including Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Management, and Arts. These undergraduate programs have over 35,000 full-time students.

Spacious and comfortable hostels are available on campus for students pursuing MBBS in China from Nanchang University. Hygienically prepared nutritious food is also available for resident students. The university has used its international exchange program to establish stable scholarly relationships with more than 30 institutes of higher education, scientific research institutions and administrative departments in over 20 countries. For a student’s ‘MBBS abroad’ dreams, this is just the right place to fulfil them.

Spacious and comfortable hostels are available on campus. Hygienically prepared nutritious food is also available for resident students. The university has used its international exchange program to establish stable scholarly relationships with more than 30 institutes of higher education, scientific research institutions and administrative departments in over 20 countries. For a student’s ‘MBBS abroad’ dreams, this is just the right place to fulfill them.



Nanchang University is located in the ancient city crowned “The City of Heroes”. It consists of five districts: QingShan Lake District, Qian Lake District, East Lake District, Poyan Lake District, and Fuzhou District which over a combined area of 8052 mu. It is the largest university campus area with a beautiful environment.

The total value of teaching instrument and equipment reaches 310 million Yuan, and the volume of books in the library exceeds 2,900,000. There are two national key laboratories, one project center directed by the Ministry of Education, one clinical pharmacology base at the national level and one branch center in Jiangxi province of the national research center for stem cell engineering and technology, and ten affiliated hospitals of various kinds. These equipments help students in advance experiments and research.


There are 2878 professional teachers, including 1471 professors and associate professors, 297 teachers with Doctorate, 1056 teachers with Master’s degree, 5 academicians in the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Social Science, 2 especially employed “Changjiang scholars”, 5 first-level and second-level experts in National “Millions of the Talented” Project, 11 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution, and 223 staff enjoying special allowance supplied by the State Council and provincial government.

Scientific Research

The Nanchang University, which is one of top institutes of medicine for studying MBBS in China, has an admirable record in medical research. In the past 5 years, it undertook over 1021 research projects, 32 of which were sponsored by National Funding, 239 by Provincial Funding and 29 were on the National Reward list.

There are also 180 professional books and 3500 papers published in academic journals.

Valuing highly the cooperation and academic exchanges with the outside world, the University has established and maintained friendly relations with its peers, hospitals and research institutions of Japan, the UK, the USA, and Canada. To date, there have been 28 visiting professors from abroad and over 1000 teaching and research staff working and studying in other countries.



International MBBS Program


The medium of instruction is English.


5 years of studies and 1 year of internship, which may be done either at the university or in the respective home countries of students.


10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Admission will be based on high school credentials and the NEET scorecard.

Fees Structure

Estimate of Expenses for 2021 Batch For International MBBS Program Nanchang University, P R China

Successful Doctors

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Balamurugan Ramasamy Tamil Nadu India 2013
2 Narendran Thanumalayan Tamil Nadu India 2013
3 Krithika Lakshmi Arumugam Tamil Nadu India 2013
4 Vignesh Ramesh Tamil Nadu India 2013
5 Debashis Sahoo Odisha India 2013
6 Rashmi Nain Haryana India 2013
7 Vignesh Ganesan Tamil Nadu India 2013
8 Ayana Anitha Sathyanarayanan Kerala India 2013
9 Lokesh Ravi Tamil Nadu India 2013
10 Ahamed Thouseef Sudheer Kerala India 2013
11 Mekala Mohan Tamil Nadu India 2013
12 Kalaiselvi Krishnamoorthy Tamil Nadu India 2013
13 Sai Sandeep Singh Rowdhwal Andhra Pradesh India 2013
14 Nethaji Rajasekar Tamil Nadu India 2013
15 Mukilraj Neethipathi Tamil Nadu India 2013
16 Lavanya Alamelu Ayyamperumalchidambaram Senthil Kumar Tamil Nadu India 2013
17 Hemanth Sai Budarapu Andhra Pradesh India 2013
18 Akanksha Sharma Punjab India 2013
19 Janani Selvam Tamil Nadu India 2013
20 Varun Surendran Dev Kerala India 2013
21 Rahul Singh West Bengal India 2013
22 Neha Singh Chhattisgarh India 2013
23 Priyavarshini Ezhillarasan Tamil Nadu India 2013
24 Devika Ravichandran Tamil Nadu India 2013
25 Mohd Atif Uttar Pradesh India 2013
26 Shiza Kashish Chandigarh India 2013
27 Tamon Chyrmang Meghalaya India 2013
28 Janani Selvanayagam Tamil Nadu India 2013
29 Mohd Farhan Siddiqui Uttar Pradesh India 2013
30 Mano Govindan Tamil Nadu India 2013
31 Jeremy Manners Meghalaya India 2013
32 Arindam Maiti West Bengal India 2013
33 Neetu Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2013
34 Vijayakumar Palani Tamil Nadu India 2013
35 Novin Mohanan Geetha Kerala India 2013
36 Anuja Sabu Kerala India 2013
37 Sathana Arumugam Tamil Nadu India 2013
38 Balakrishnan Venkatachalam Tamil Nadu India 2013
39 Dhanabal Gunasekaran Tamil Nadu India 2013
40 Ramya Muthuraman Tamil Nadu India 2013
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Bindhya Mohandas Kerala India 2012
2 Thasni Nazar Shamla Kerala India 2012
3 Prithika Periasamy Tamil Nadu India 2012
4 V Sivasankari Tamil Nadu India 2012
5 Ashutosh Tewari Uttar Pradesh India 2012
6 Maria Robert Kerala India 2012
7 Abinaya Kannadasan Tamil Nadu India 2012
8 Vasanthi Thiyagarajan Tamil Nadu India 2012
9 Indhu Gunasekaran Tamil Nadu India 2012
10 Keerthana Tamilarasan Tamil Nadu India 2012
11 Gokul Gangadharan Pillai Kerala India 2012
12 Suman Roy West Bengal India 2012
13 Venus Gashnga Lamin Meghalaya India 2012
14 Haripriya Balasubramanian Tamil Nadu India 2012
15 Kalairajan Annathurai Tamil Nadu India 2012
16 Aaishi Das West Bengal India 2012
17 Rajalakshmi Shanmugasundaram Tamil Nadu India 2012
18 Aravindh Radhakrishnan Tamil Nadu India 2012
19 Varsha  Choudhary Punjab India 2012
20 Suvadip Das Bangladesh 2012
21 Rokeya Akter Bangladesh 2012
22 Arun Krishna Palanivel Tamil Nadu India 2012
23 Gnanasri Ranganathan Tamil Nadu India 2012
24 Gokul Harikumar Kerala India 2012
25 Indhu Sukumar Tamil Nadu India 2012
26 Manisha Balasubramanian Tamil Nadu India 2012
27 Mayukh Chakraborty West Bengal India 2012
28 Preethika Sanches Mahendran Tamil Nadu India 2012
29 Rajalakshmi Selvaraj Tamil Nadu India 2012
30 Samya Bhattacharya West Bengal India 2012
31 Srijayabuvaneshwari Kumaran Tamil Nadu India 2012
32 Vengateswara Gopinath Selvarajan Tamil Nadu India 2012
33 Zubair Alam Uttar Pradesh India 2012
34 Tanksala Gangaram Andhra Pradesh India 2012
35 Srimathi Arumugam Tamil Nadu India 2012
36 Karthikeyan S R Tamil Nadu India 2012
37 Gobinath K.R. Tamil Nadu India 2012
38 Deepan Gowtham R Tamil Nadu India 2012
39 Hariharan Ramachandran Tamil Nadu India 2012
40 Deepan Chakravarthy.M Tamil Nadu India 2012
41 Deepa Kandasamy Tamil Nadu India 2012
42 Titas Ghoshal West Bengal India 2012
43 Prema.K Tamil Nadu India 2012
44 Sundara Palani Chamy.S Tamil Nadu India 2012
45 M. Sathishkumar Tamil Nadu India 2012
46 Anushya Palanisamy Tamil Nadu India 2012
47 Sridhar Dhanaraju Tamil Nadu India 2012
48 Nivethitha Mayilkannan Dhamayanthi Tamil Nadu India 2012
49 Mohd Salman Saifi Uttarakhand India 2012
50 Ruheena Rani Uttar Pradesh India 2012
51 Mahak Beniwal Delhi India 2012
52 Geeno S Vaidyan Kerala India 2012
53 Debpritam Saha West Bengal India 2012
54 V . Sheela Tamil Nadu India 2012
55 Meenakshi Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2012
56 Elsa Joseph Kerala India 2012
57 Nanda Kishor V.M Kerala India 2012
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Rukkaiya Khan Uttar Pradesh India 2011
2 Marudhakkanmani Gunasekaran Tamil Nadu India 2011
3 Surojit Ghosh West Bengal India 2011
4 Bhawani Parsad Haryana India 2011
5 Atif Shakeel Uttar Pradesh India 2011
6 Shibu Rai Uttar Pradesh India 2011
7 Srivembadiyash Ravichandran Tamil Nadu India 2011
8 Ishan Banerjee West Bengal India 2011
9 Karthik Ravichandran Tamil Nadu India 2011
10 Saddam Husain Uttar Pradesh India 2011
11 Rajadurai Kulandaisamy Tamil Nadu India 2011
12 Raj Jijin Sathyaraj Tamil Nadu India 2011
13 Avinash Ananda Jothi Tamil Nadu India 2011
14 Aravinthan Rajendran Tamil Nadu India 2011
15 Veena Vaithilingam Tamil Nadu India 2011
16 Sukhdeep Haryana India 2011
17 Mohd Daood Uttar Pradesh India 2011
18 Saif Ahmed Andhra Pradesh India 2011
19 Sugapriya Thangaraju Tamil Nadu India 2011
20 Anirudh Prasad Pappu Tamil Nadu India 2011
21 Anamul Hoque Bangladesh 2011
22 Md Kamrul Hasan Bangladesh 2011
23 Nadia Sultana Ankhi Bangladesh 2011
24 Md.Mahmudul Hasan Bangladesh 2011
25 Sayed Abdulla Jami Bangladesh 2011
26 Md Anwar Hossain Bangladesh 2011
27 Jannatul Ferdows Bangladesh 2011
28 Noshin Anjum Bangladesh 2011
29 Pradeep Dhivakar Thirugnanasambantham Tamil Nadu India 2011
30 Garima Gupta Chhattisgarh India 2011
31 Priyanga Anandha Raj Tamil Nadu India 2011
32 Rahul Kumar Gupta Uttar Pradesh India 2011
33 Jitendra Kumar Uttar Pradesh India 2011
34 Tamilasugeshkumar Tamilarasu Tamil Nadu India 2011
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Miteshkumar Jayasval Gujarat India 2006
2 Arif Shah Hasan West Bengal India 2006
3 Sejani Tejas Kumar M Gujarat India 2006
4 Sachin Kishorbhai Dhaduk Gujarat India 2006
5 Karthik Gopathy Andhra Pradesh India 2006
6 Narasimha Reddy Vennapusa Andhra Pradesh India 2006
7 Faheem Mohammad Uttar Pradesh India 2006
8 Ataurrahman Uttar Pradesh India 2006
9 Tulika Borah Assam India 2006
10 Saumya Ranjan Mallick Odisha India 2006
11 Debashish Biswal Odisha India 2006
12 Ishan Gourab Odisha India 2006
13 Vandana Sastry Odisha India 2006
14 Sitikanta Panda Odisha India 2006
15 Sumanth Kumar Marthyaya Andhra Pradesh India 2006
16 Arka Kanti West Bengal India 2006
17 Antik Banerjee West Bengal India 2006
18 Jayeeta Dutta West Bengal India 2006
19 Krishna Pradeep Masetty Andhra Pradesh India 2006
20 Kishan Rai West Bengal India 2006
21 Chetpet Akash Andhra Pradesh India 2006
22 Kranthi Reddy K Andhra Pradesh India 2006
23 Haresh D Andhra Pradesh India 2006
24 Malleswari Kalisetty Andhra Pradesh India 2006
25 Kalyan Kumar Perisetla Andhra Pradesh India 2006
26 Gajalakshmi Praba G Tamil Nadu India 2006
27 Dameshwa Paslein Meghalaya India 2006
28 Vijayalakshmi Venati Andhra Pradesh India 2006
29 Shayan Sinha Mahapatra West Bengal India 2006
30 Bikash Prasad West Bengal India 2006
31 Ketan Rameshbhai Kathiriya Gujarat India 2006
32 Souro Ranjan Basu West Bengal India 2006
33 Srikanth Babu Damecherla Andhra Pradesh India 2006
34 S Vijaya Lakshmi Bolla Andhra Pradesh India 2006
35 Sirish Kumar Sampara N Andhra Pradesh India 2006
36 Sri Ranga Prasad Katari Andhra Pradesh India 2006
37 Krishna Prabha P Andhra Pradesh India 2006
38 Chaitanya Kumar Orchu Andhra Pradesh India 2006
39 Manoj Kumar Veernapati Andhra Pradesh India 2006
40 Tanuja Kabir West Bengal India 2006
41 Priyanka Saha Maharashtra India 2006
42 Dikhya Handique Assam India 2006
43 Priyam Samanth West Bengal India 2006
44 Samiran Banik West Bengal India 2006
45 Bandana Boro Assam India 2006
46 Prasad Bokka Andhra Pradesh India 2006
47 Siddharth Medipalli Andhra Pradesh India 2006
48 Sindhu Manne Telangana India 2006
49 L Tulasi Garikipati Andhra Pradesh India 2006
50 Mulaka Uday Andhra Pradesh India 2006

Enrolled Students

SL Name City, State Country
1 Surya Selvadurai Vilupuram (DT), Tamil Nadu India
2 Kaviyarasan Lakshmanan Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
3 Khraw Kupar Sutnga Shillong, Meghalaya India
4 Habeeb Muhammad Bilal Noorul Ameen Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
5 Parthiban Subramanian Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
SL Name City, State Country
1 Priyam Samanth Burdwan, West Bengal India
2 Miteshkumar Jayasval Baroda, Gujarat India
3 Arif Shah Hasan Kolkata, West Bengal India
4 Sejani Tejas Kumar M Rajkot, Gujarat India
5 Sachin Kishorbhai Dhaduk Rajkot, Gujarat India
6 Sunil Bhati Jodhpur, Rajasthan India
7 Karthik Gopathy Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh India
8 Tejashwini S.A. Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh India
9 Arun Kumar Singh Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India
10 Faheem Mohammad Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
11 Ataurrahman Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
12 Tulika Borah Guwahati, Assam India
13 Saumya Ranjan Mallick Cuttack, Odisha India
14 Debashish Biswal Jagatsinghpur, Odisha India
15 Ishan Gourab Mayurbhanj, Odisha India
16 Suvendu Panda Bhubaneshwar, Odisha India
17 Vandana Sastry Jatni, Odisha India
18 Sitikanta Panda Jatni, Odisha India
19 Hasan Aziz Bin Siraj Barbhuyan Silchar, Assam India
20 Mulaka Uday Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh India
21 Sushanta Mandal Balasore, Odisha India
22 Sumanth Kumar Marthyaya Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
23 Desh Dipak Banerjee Kolkata, West Bengal India
24 Arka Kanti Jalpaiguri, West Bengal India
25 Antik Banerjee Siliguri, West Bengal India
26 Jayeeta Dutta Siliguri, West Bengal India
27 Sindhu Manne Trumbull, Telangana India
28 Raviteja Chittiboyana Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
29 Monica Vemuri Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
30 Dikhya Handique Sivasagar, Assam India
31 Samiran Banik Jalpaiguri, West Bengal India
32 Krishna Pradeep Masetty Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
33 Siddharth Medipalli Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
34 Kishan Rai Darjeeling, West Bengal India
35 Chetpet Akash Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
36 D Divya Sri Pattaswamy Krishna, Andhra Pradesh India
37 Kranthi Reddy K Bollaram, Andhra Pradesh India
38 Haresh D Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh India
39 L Tulasi Garikipati Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
40 Malleswari Kalisetty Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
41 Kalyan Kumar Perisetla Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
42 Gajalakshmi Praba G Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
43 Dameshwa Paslein Shillong, Meghalaya India
44 Vijayalakshmi Venati Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
45 Bandana Boro Gosaihat, Assam India
46 Shayan Sinha Mahapatra Kolkata, West Bengal India
47 Bikash Prasad Darjeeling, West Bengal India
48 Ketan Rameshbhai Kathiriya Surat, Gujarat India
49 Souro Ranjan Basu Kolkata, West Bengal India
50 Srikanth Babu Damecherla Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
51 John Gachuiwung Shimray Imphal, Manipur India
52 S Vijaya Lakshmi Bolla West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh India
53 Sirish Kumar Sampara N Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
54 Sri Ranga Prasad Katari Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
55 Krishna Prabha P Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
56 Chaitanya Kumar Orchu Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
57 Manoj Kumar Veernapati Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
58 Tanuja Kabir Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal India
59 Ricky Paul Lamare Shillong, Meghalaya India
60 Prasad Bokka Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh India
61 Mukesh Kumar Nalanda, Bihar India
62 Priyanka Saha Pune, Maharashtra India
63 Victor Nongsiej Mairang, Meghalaya India
64 Afshan Anis Comilla Bangladesh
65 Saad Sheikh Ahmed Faisalabaad Pakistan
66 Fahad Fayyaz Butt Lahore Pakistan
67 Faisal Imran Faisalabaad Pakistan
68 Qaisar Nawaz Lahore Pakistan
69 Friha Iqbal Toba Tek Singh Pakistan
70 Rida Fatima Toba Tek Singh Pakistan
71 Umaira Asghar Awan Sarghoda Pakistan

SL Name City, State Country
1 Priyanga Anandha Raj Pudukkotai, Tamil Nadu India
2 Rahul Kumar Gupta Chhibramau, Uttar Pradesh India
3 Mohd Daood Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
4 Mohammad Arshad Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
5 Mohammad Ismile Ansari Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
6 Atif Shakeel Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
7 Nazim Malik Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
8 Yasmine Tamang Darjeeling, West Bengal India
9 Nitin Kumar Bhardwaj Gautam Budhnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
10 Saurabh Chhibramau, Uttar Pradesh India
11 Saddam Husain Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
12 Jitendra Kumar Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
13 Bikram Sinha Dharmanagar, Tripura India
14 Rajadurai Kulandaisamy Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
15 Sujithra Kalaivanan Namakkal, Tamil Nadu India
16 Srivembadiyash Ravichandran Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
17 Raj Jijin Sathyaraj Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu India
18 Manikandan Alagarsamy Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
19 Garima Gupta Sarguja, Chhattisgarh India
20 Bhawani Parsad Rewari, Haryana India
21 Piyush Kumar Gupta Ujhani, Uttar Pradesh India
22 Sangeeta Mahant Sarguja, Chhattisgarh India
23 Avinash Ananda Jothi Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu India
24 Pradeep Dhivakar Thirugnanasambantham Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu India
25 Md.Zakaria Hossain Sirajganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
26 Ravi Kumar Patna, Bihar India
27 Pramod Kumar Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh India
28 Ishan Banerjee Malda, West Bengal India
29 Surojit Ghosh Kolkata, West Bengal India
30 Saif Ahmed Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
31 Rahul Rana Shamli, Uttar Pradesh India
32 Anamul Hoque Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
33 Md Kamrul Hasan Pabna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
34 Nadia Sultana Ankhi Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
35 Vikas Singh Yadav Raibarelly, Uttar Pradesh India
36 Tredahun Bamon Jowai, Meghalaya India
37 Arpan Mitra Burdwan, West Bengal India
38 Shirajum Munira Soma Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
39 Rohit Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
40 Sukhdeep Hisar, Haryana India
41 Md.Mahmudul Hasan Chandpur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
42 Shibu Rai Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
43 Karthik Ravichandran Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu India
44 Sugapriya Thangaraju Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
45 Marudhakkanmani Gunasekaran Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
46 Dhivya Ganesan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
47 Tamilasugeshkumar Tamilarasu Pudukkottai-Dist, Tamil Nadu India
48 Aravinthan Rajendran Perambalur T.K, Tamil Nadu India
49 Veena Vaithilingam Thanjavur(DT), Tamil Nadu India
50 Ajay Kumar Kaushal Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
51 Anirudh Prasad Pappu Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
52 Sayed Abdulla Jami Khulna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
53 Md Habib Iqbal Chittagang, Bangladesh Bangladesh
54 Md Anwar Hossain Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
55 Srinivasa Babu Maddiboina Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
56 Rukkaiya Khan Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh India
57 Md Robiul Alam Joni Chittagong, Bangladesh Bangladesh
58 Md Mostofa Kamal Natore, Bangladesh Bangladesh
59 Brotendu Shekhar Roy Khulna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
60 Gaurav Kumar Delhi, Delhi India
61 Md Iftekher Hosen Mymensinh, Bangladesh Bangladesh
62 Md Abdul Awal Sylhat, Bangladesh Bangladesh
63 Jannatul Ferdows Gazipur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
64 Md Niem Shake Kushtia, Bangladesh Bangladesh
65 S.M.Rakibul Azad Kushtia, Bangladesh Bangladesh
66 Noshin Anjum Thakurgaon, Bangladesh Bangladesh
SL Name City, State Country
1 Prashant Kumar Mishra Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius Mauritius
2 Kashmeerakowsic Dinassing Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius Mauritius
3 Navita Purbhoo Pointe-aur-Piments, Mauritius Mauritius
4 Ankeet Busgeeth , Mauritius Mauritius
5 Venus Gashnga Lamin Shillong, Meghalaya India
6 Aiboklin Lyngdoh Nonglait Shillong, Meghalaya India
7 Titas Ghoshal Kolkata, West Bengal India
8 Samya Bhattacharya Kolkata, West Bengal India
9 Mayukh Chakraborty Kalna, West Bengal India
10 Alagudurga.A Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
11 Prema.K Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
12 Sundara Palani Chamy.S Virudhunagar(Dt), Tamil Nadu India
13 Srinath.T Erode, Tamil Nadu India
14 Abdur Rakuman.J Salem, Tamil Nadu India
15 Elsa Joseph Kottayam, Kerala India
16 Midhun Mohan Parippally, Kerala India
17 Ananthu M.S Trivandrum, Kerala India
18 Anand Vimala Sidharthan Trivandrum, Kerala India
19 Bindhya Mohandas Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
20 Thasni Nazar Shamla Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
21 Rizwan Mohammad Darjeeling, West Bengal India
22 Zubair Alam Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh India
23 Tanksala Gangaram Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh( TE) India
24 Sathish Kumar M Karur Dist., Tamil Nadu India
25 Prithika Periasamy Namakkal Dist, Tamil Nadu India
26 Arun Krishna Palanivel Namakkal Dist, Tamil Nadu India
27 Srimathi Arumugam Pudukkottai Dist, Tamil Nadu India
28 Karthikeyan S R Pudukkottai Dist, Tamil Nadu India
29 Gayathri Balasubramanian Trychi Dist, Tamil Nadu India
30 Haripriya Balasubramanian Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
31 Indhu Sukumar Karur, Tamil Nadu India
32 Sivasankari Vasiveeravel Madurai, Tamil Nadu India
33 S Asansi Jose Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
34 Vengateswara Gopinath Selvarajan Namakkal, Tamil Nadu India
35 S.Gunamathi Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
36 S.Balamurugan Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu India
37 Srijayabuvaneshwari Kumaran Nagapattinam Dist., Tamil Nadu India
38 V . Sheela Madurai, Tamil Nadu India
39 Gobinath K.R. Karur Dist., Tamil Nadu India
40 Deepan Gowtham R Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
41 Hariharan Ramachandran Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
42 Harish Krishnamoorthy Trivandrum, Kerala India
43 Jacob Kuruvila Trivandrum, Kerala India
44 Suvadip Das Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
45 Ashutosh Tewari Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
46 Allen Ranju Cherian Tripunithura, Kerala India
47 Arshad Saifi Udham Singh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
48 Deepan Chakravarthy.M Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
49 Manisha Balasubramanian Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
50 Mathan Raj.V Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
51 Devika Pathak Chandigarh, Chandigarh India
52 Mayank Kaul Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh India
53 Meenakshi Singh Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh India
54 Mohammad Jaber Hasan Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
55 Maria Robert Kottayam, Kerala India
56 Saumya Sisupalan Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
57 Vikas Kumar lakhisarai, Bihar India
58 Aravind Tadikimalla West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh India
59 Nijina Jojo Irinjalakuda, Kerala India
60 Keerthana Tamilarasan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
61 Anushya Palanisamy Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
62 Deepa Kandasamy Trichy Dist, Tamil Nadu India
63 Sridhar Dhanaraju Perambalur(Dt), Tamil Nadu India
64 Veenaa Selvaraju Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
65 Kowsic Monisha.R Trichy Dist, Tamil Nadu India
66 Rajalakshmi Selvaraj Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
67 Gnanasri Ranganathan Namakkal, Tamil Nadu India
68 Abinaya Kannadasan Thirupur, Tamil Nadu India
69 Nanda Kishor V.M Kollam, Kerala India
70 Bhawana Gupta Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh India
71 Priyanka Soni Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh India
72 Javed Ansari Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttarakhand India
73 Mohd Amir Shah Sidharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh India
74 Meera Devi Ramsurun , Mauritius Mauritius
75 D S Sandeep Nellore, Andhra Pradesh India
76 Stegy Varghese Thrissur, Kerala India
77 Staney Varghese Thrissur, Kerala India
78 Gokul Gangadharan Pillai Kollam, Kerala India
79 Gokul Harikumar Alappuzha, Kerala India
80 Preethika Sanches Mahendran Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu India
81 Vasanthi Thiyagarajan Salem, Tamil Nadu India
82 Hariharan Karuppaiyan Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
83 Indhu Gunasekaran Walajapet, Tamil Nadu India
84 Abarna Jeevitha Durai Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu India
85 Balapynbianglin Katrai Shillong, Meghalaya India
86 Ruheena Rani Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
87 Nivethitha Mayilkannan Dhamayanthi Thanjavur(D.T), Tamil Nadu India
88 Suman Roy Howrah, West Bengal India
89 Mohd Salman Saifi Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand India
90 Portia Venkatachalam Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
91 Kalairajan Annathurai Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
92 Prince Vimalesh Dhanabalan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
93 Beatisha Thapa Kalimpong, West Bengal India
94 Nibedita Banerjee Kolkata, West Bengal India
95 Aaishi Das Kolkata, West Bengal India
96 Debpritam Saha Maslandapur, West Bengal India
97 Rajalakshmi Shanmugasundaram Ariyalur(D.T), Tamil Nadu India
98 Md Ashrafi Tasmid Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
99 Irfana Begam Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
100 Manish Nanda Yeddula kadapa Dist, Andhra Pradesh India
101 Munyem Bin Abdur Razzak Pabna, Bangladesh Bangladesh
102 Mahak Beniwal New Delhi, Delhi India
103 Arun Jayakumar Kollam, Kerala India
104 Dhruv Yadav Rewari, Haryana India
105 Govind Pratap Singh Etah, Uttar Pradesh India
106 Aravindh Radhakrishnan Virudhunagar(Dt), Tamil Nadu India
107 Md Anisur Rahman Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
108 Md Samiul Islam Shajib Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
109 Md Nurer Sobah Gaibandha, Bangladesh Bangladesh
110 Asif Mushtaq Wani Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir India
111 Geeno S Vaidyan Kollam, Kerala India
112 Namrata Singh Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
113 Rokeya Akter Gajipur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
114 Varsha Choudhary Pathankot, Punjab India
115 A Abdul Jaleel Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu India
116 Deep Narayan Shah Shillong, Meghalaya India
117 Joycefully Pala Jowai, Meghalaya India
118 Kekhriezhazo Solo Kohima, Nagaland India
119 Arun Rajendran Mayiladuturai, Tamil Nadu India
120 Sunantha R Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
SL Name City, State Country
1 Sangita Mallick Dist Nadia, West Bengal India
2 Priyavarshini Ezhillarasan Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
3 Christynal Earnest Joseph Raj Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
4 Vanitha Boopathi Madurai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
5 Makilan Rajendran Perambalur(DT), Tamil Nadu India
6 Divya Sharma Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh India
7 Sathyaaseelan Rajamanikam Perambalur(PO & TK), Tamil Nadu India
8 Saravana Balan Bala Guru Ramanathapuram(DT), Tamil Nadu India
9 Sathana Arumugam Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
10 Lavanya Chandrasekar Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
11 Valantina Vallal Pudukkotai, Tamil Nadu India
12 Balakrishnan Venkatachalam Pudukkotai, Tamil Nadu India
13 Vignesh Muthulingam Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
14 Nethaji Rajasekar Pelambalur, Tamil Nadu India
15 Balamurugan Ramasamy Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
16 Anandhakrishnan Malayalan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
17 Sabareesan Arumugam Pudukkotai, Tamil Nadu India
18 Dhanabal Gunasekaran Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
19 Dharanidharan Govindan Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
20 Mukilraj Neethipathi Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
21 Narendran Thanumalayan Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu India
22 Devika Ravichandran Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
23 Maniyarasan Eagambaram Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu India
24 Gokul Giri Attingal, Kerala India
25 Lavanya Alamelu Ayyamperumalchidambaram Senthil Kumar Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
26 Manoj Kumar Karunakaran Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
27 Revathi Subramani Vellore DT, Tamil Nadu India
28 Krithika Lakshmi Arumugam Sivagangai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
29 Aruna Kamaraj Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
30 Hemalatha Chidambaram Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
31 Lokesh Ravi Ooty, Tamil Nadu India
32 Dharmaraj Annamalai Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
33 Ramya Muthuraman Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
34 Rahana Hyder Trivandrum, Kerala India
35 Anuja Sabu Nedumkandam, Kerala India
36 Mekala Mohan Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu India
37 Priyadarshi Mehra Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand India
38 Vignesh Ramesh Guduvancheri, Tamil Nadu India
39 Kalaiselvi Krishnamoorthy Pudhukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
40 Ajmal Dhirar Shameen Kollam, Kerala India
41 Ayana Anitha Sathyanarayanan Malappuram(DT), Kerala India
42 Rafeek Khan Jalaludeen Kollam, Kerala India
43 Nura Sabrin Kona Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
44 Sadia Afrin Anamika Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
45 Mohd Atif Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh India
46 Mohammad Aleem Khan Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh India
47 Abdul Raheem , Uttar Pradesh India
48 Dhanush Sasi Kollam, Kerala India
49 Bhagya Priya Saseendra Babu Latha Kollam, Kerala India
50 Rohit Raj Trivandrum, Kerala India
51 Balaji Ashok Genne Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh India
52 Joseph Anthony Cochin, Kerala India
53 Shiza Kashish Chandigarh, Chandigarh India
54 Sai Sandeep Singh Rowdhwal Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
55 Sumesh Trivandrum, Kerala India
56 Mohit Kumar Kashipur, Uttarakhand India
57 Md Irbaz Ahmad Kishanganj, Bihar India
58 Neha Singh Katghora, Chhattisgarh India
59 Amit Ghosh Kolkata, West Bengal India
60 Alaka Vimala Sidharthan Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala India
61 Chantholleng Sokhaly Kompong Cham, Cambodia Cambodia
62 Tanya Sengar Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
63 Arvind Kaur Patiala, Punjab India
64 Nazarene Bonnie Rapthap Jowai, Meghalaya India
65 Hepstar Chyrmang Shillong, Meghalaya India
66 Adriana Gangte Khonglah Shillong, Meghalaya India
67 Geethanjali Shanmuga Sundaram Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
68 Santosh Kumar Tripati Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh India
69 Priyadharshini Soundararajan Perambalur(PO&TK), Tamil Nadu India
70 Vijayakumar Palani Thiruvarur DT, Tamil Nadu India
71 Souradeep Sahu Kalyani, West Bengal India
72 Vibhuti Patel Chunar, Uttar Pradesh India
73 Tamon Chyrmang Jowai, Meghalaya India
74 Om Prakash Bishnoi Jalore, Rajasthan India
75 Hemanth Sai Budarapu Kadappa, Andhra Pradesh India
76 Janani Selvanayagam Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
77 Rafi Ul Amaad Ganim Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
78 Mohd Farhan Siddiqui Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh India
79 Akanksha Sharma , Punjab India
80 Ajmal Khan Chamba, Uttarakhand India
81 Hammad Amir Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
82 Yogesh Kumar Gupta Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
83 Vishal Borana Bhinmal, Rajasthan India
84 Wamiq Mushtaq Khan Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir India
85 Muhamed Kapoor Shammikapoor Trivandrum, Kerala India
86 Pournami Poulose Rajan Neyyattinkara, Kerala India
87 Mano Govindan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
88 Debashis Sahoo Rourkela, Odisha India
89 Rashmi Nain Panchkula, Haryana India
90 Aswin Vinayakumar Nair Kottayam, Kerala India
91 Bhavya Lekshmi Pathanam Thitta, Kerala India
92 Fathima Beegam Nizamudeen Kollam, Kerala India
93 Sai Priya Panda Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
94 Athul Thankachan Idukki, Kerala India
95 Jeremy Manners Jowai, Meghalaya India
96 Abhishek Bakshi Mohali, Punjab India
97 Janani Selvam Sivagangai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
98 Arun Kumar Anilkumar Geetha Kumari Kollam, Kerala India
99 Aman Shekhar Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
100 Prashant Kumar Raghuvanshi Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
101 Birsa Roy South 24 Parganas, West Bengal India
102 Arindam Maiti West Medinipur, West Bengal India
103 Ashish Prakash Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh India
104 Elakkiya Ragupathi Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
105 Ravi Singh Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
106 Novin Mohanan Geetha Trivandrum, Kerala India
107 Md Shahalam anamika Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
108 Md Aminul Islam Manikganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
109 Ahamed Thouseef Sudheer Trivandrum, Kerala India
110 Mohammad Arman Ansari Deoria, Uttar Pradesh India
111 Chemheisuk Sutnga Shillong, Meghalaya India
112 Md Nayeem Hossain Niloy Shariatpur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
113 Disha Anam Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
114 Neetu Singh Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
115 Varun Surendran Dev Trivandrum, Kerala India
116 Vignesh Ganesan Salem, Tamil Nadu India
117 Arif Ahmad Narayaganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
118 Mohd. Adnan Khan Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
119 Hasan Sha Jaman Sykat Gazipur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
120 Ajit Sivaji Kollam, Kerala India
121 Jesly Jaimon Idicula Kollam, Kerala India
122 Rahul Singh Kolkata, West Bengal India
123 Rahul Saxena Shahajahanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
124 Mohammad Khalid Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
125 Sanzida Mostafa Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
126 Ketsni Baron Hua Jowai, Meghalaya India
127 Sowmita Bag Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India
128 Md Sajid Islam Purba Burdwan, West Bengal India
129 Vidyapriya Veerakalai Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu India
130 Md Abidur Rahaman Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
131 Md Shahadath Hosen Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh Bangladesh
132 Sheikh Sadi Mymensingh, Bangladesh Bangladesh
133 Forhad Ahmed Mymensingh, Bangladesh Bangladesh
134 MST Jannati Ferdush Gaibandha, Bangladesh Bangladesh
135 Fabiha Lamisa Shornali Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh


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